5 Stylish Rain Boots That Can Keep Your Feet Comfy & Dry All Day Long

by Andrea Hannah

When rainy weather and storms hit, a good pair of rain boots can save the day. But, as you probably know by now, not all rain boots are comfortable enough to walk in for long periods of time. Luckily, there are a few things the best rain boots for walking all have in common. Namely, they all have waterproof soles made out of thick rubber or with wax coatings to keep water out. Walking rain boots also have interiors that are lined and have supportive insoles for additional comfort when you're on your feet all day.

When shopping for rain boots, make sure to side step any "water-resistant" shoes in favor for full waterproofing, particularly around the bottom of your feet (versus the upper calf). After all, you won't last for a long time on your feet if water is seeping through to your socks.

Though you might not think it, the inside of your boots matters just as much as the outside when you walk a lot. Plenty of waterproof rain boots have no additional lining inside, making them tough to wear for walking and much less likely to keep your feet warm or comfortable. Look for boots lined with soft, moisture-wicking fabrics like fleece, or ones that have contoured insoles to cradle your foot while you hustle into work.

I've done the research (and read the reviews) and can say that the following boots are some of the best rain boots for walking. Keep scrolling, your feet will thank you.


The Best Chelsea Rain Boot: Asgard Women's Ankle Rain Boots

Not only are these Chelsea rain boots stylish, but they're also completely waterproof. They're made from rubber, and the sole features a short heel and solid traction so you won't slip and slide. On the inside, a light fabric lining keeps the rubber from these ankle boots from rubbing against your skin and causing uncomfortable blisters and bruises when you're walking. With more than 1,500 Amazon reviewers, these fan-favorite and affordable rain boots are a steal. They even come in 10 different colors so you can match your wardrobe.

What fans say: "I commute to work downtown Chicago and I’ve worn these 4 days within the past week - so its safe to say these shoes are comfortable to get around in while still looking fashionable."

  • Available in sizes: Women's 4.5-12


The Best Duck Boots: Sperry Saltwater Rain Boot

These short duck-inspired boots offer the best of both worlds. The upper is made from a flexible, yet not totally waterproof, nylon that bends with your foot for more comfort when you walk. But more importantly, the bottom third of the shoe is made with a sturdy rubber that is waterproof (including an extra-thick rubber sole with traction). Best of all, the inside is lined with luxe fleece that will keep your feet dry and warm. With a zipper on the side, these boots can be slipped on and off without having to undo all the laces. You can even get them in one of six different neutral color combinations. While these boots are a bit on the pricier side, over 1,000 five-star Amazon reviews prove they're worth it.

What fans say: "Could walk in these boots all day. Love these boots. I live in New York and walk about 8k-10k steps a day. Comfortable at the office too. Easy slip on/off.Toes were a little cold under 35 degrees, but thicker socks will do the trick. They were a hair wide I guess, so with thick socks they fit snugly and with thin socks they're slightly looser but still very comfortable."

  • Available in sizes: Women's 5-12 (regular and wide width)


The Best Mid-Calf Rain Boots: Sloggers Waterproof Rain Boot

These mid-calf rain boots are both comfortable and cute. They're made from completely recyclable materials that are 100% waterproof, so they work great and they're eco-friendly, too. But these boots really shine when it comes to the insole. They feature an "all-day comfort" insole that molds to your arches to cradle your feet while you walk. Plus, if they happen to get wet (or sweaty), you can easily take the insoles out of the boots and toss them in the dryer. Nearly 4,000 Amazon reviewers giving this a 4.6-star overall rating can't be wrong.

What fans say: "I bought some Sloggers [four] years ago while they were on sale and I used them hard. I walk miles every day through wet pastures down gravel roads etc. To this day four years later my original loggers don't leak and are still useable."

  • Available in sizes: Women's 6-10


An Affordable Knee-High Boot: Kamik Women's Waterproof Jennifer Rain Boot

If you prefer a taller boot, these knee-high rain boots keep out moisture — and they're a great price. They're made from a material called RubberHe, which is infused with helium to make these boots 50% lighter than some other rubber options. Even though they're light, they also feature thick treads on the outsole so you can jump in (or race past) all those puddles without slipping.

What fans say: "I work on a farm twice a week and these have held up incredibly well considering all the stress and abuse I put them through. They are insanely comfortable with great arch support so I can keep going all day. The treads are awesome. Through all the snow, mud, and ice, I haven't slipped at all."

  • Available in sizes: Women's 6-11


An Investment Knee-High Boot: Hunter Women's Original Back-Adjustable Rain Boots

These adjustable rain boots tighten around your calves to keep out every last raindrop. If any water does happen to get in, the nylon lining inside dries super quickly so your feet stay warm. The outer shell is also completely seamless so there are no loose edges rubbing against and irritating your skin, and the vulcanized latex keeps out moisture while still offering some flexibility. They even come in seven neutral matte and glossy colors. These boots might be pricey, but there's a reason Hunter is known for such high-quality boots.

What fans say: "Haven't taken them off since they arrived!! I was so skeptical that these boots would be comfortable. The material is bendable and I don't feel like I'm wearing rain boots at all! Now I have to decide what color I'm getting next!!"

  • Available in sizes: Women's 5-11

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