5 Raincoats On Amazon That Are Stylish But Can Still Withstand Heavy Rain

There are everyday rainstorms and then there are those wild, torrential downpours that can leave you soaked in a matter of seconds if you're caught without the right gear. For this type of unruly weather, you need the best raincoats for heavy rain. These jackets typically offer a combination of three factors:

  • High-quality material: Polyester, nylon, or proprietary blends like Gore-Tex are usually the best fabrics for raincoats. This is because polyester is hydrophobic (water-resistant) and nylon is hydrophilic (water-absorbing). Often, they're also coated with waterproof treatments such as DWR.
  • Proper ventilation: In addition to being fully waterproof, you want your rain jacket to be able to breathe so you don't end up sweaty and sticky underneath. Things like ventilated liners (typically mesh or nylon), armpit zippers, vented capes, or other breathable features will assist with this.
  • Water-resistant features: It's also helpful to have additional features that add to the overall water-resistance of a jacket. This can include things like waterproof zippers, taped or heat-sealed seams, and waterproof Velcro cuffs. On top of that, it's nice if the hood is adjustable or even fully removable.

With these qualities in mind, I researched the best raincoats for heavy rain and made a list of my favorites below. Take a look so you can snag up the one that's best for you.


A Stylish Coat That Has 3,500-Plus Reviews And Comes In Tons Of Sizes

What's great about it: With more than 3,500 reviews, this popular rain jacket has a large fan following on Amazon. It's constructed with 100% polyurethane, making it a great choice for heavy rainstorms, according to reviewers. The jacket is both wind and waterproof with strong, heat-sealed seams. Inside, it has a breathable mesh liner to prevent you from overheating, and the exterior features front-vented capes for extra ventilation, as well as style points. It comes in almost two dozen colors and a wide range of sizes, too.

What fans say: "Yes, we got poured on a couple times during the trip. I can honestly say this jacket TRULY is waterproof!! Everything else got so soaked, I actually poured water out of my boots! But my torso was nice and dry!

  • Available sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large


The Perfect Travel Rain Jacket That Comes In A Packable To-Go Bag

What's great about it: If you have plans to visit a wet climate, this Cole Haan jacket is one of the best travel raincoats you can find. Made from a blend of polyester and nylon, it's not only totally waterproof but super packable, too. The compact coat can be rolled into a ball and put inside the small stuff sack that comes with it. Best of all, the material is wrinkle-free, so when you pull it back out it won't looked rumpled or dirty. Reviewers say it performs exceptionally well in heavy rain, especially given how lightweight it is. The hood is fully removable and it comes in six different colors, including canyon rose and champagne.

What fans say: "The day after it arrived it poured down rain. This coat kept me dry. The temperature was 50 degrees, and with a light sweater, I was warm."

  • Available sizes: X-Small to X-Large


An Outdoorsy Hiking Jacket That's Offered In Petite, Tall, And Plus Styles

What's great about it: If you're the outdoorsy type and spend a lot of time in nature, this jacket ranks among the best raincoats for hiking. The Eddie Bauer coat, which is built with tough, abrasion-resistant nylon coated in DWR, is extremely lightweight and breathable. The zippers are fully waterproof, and it has pit zips that you can use to cool down if you get too hot. I personally have this coat and can vouch that it's capable of keeping you dry in heavy rainstorms. It is more affordable than many similar high-performance hiking jackets, and it's more stylish than most of them, too, with five great colors to choose from.

What fans say: "Very useful in heavy, continuous rain and comfortable due to the 'pit zips', for ventilation."

  • Available sizes: X-Small to XXX-Large (Select sizes in tall and petite)


This Long, Waterproof Raincoat You Can Sit Down In Without Your Butt Getting Wet

What's great about it: This jacket is similar to the Eddie Bauer selection above except that it comes down below your waist, making it one of the best long raincoats for heavy rain. The longer tail allows you to sit down on park benches or other rainy surfaces without your butt getting wet. It's constructed with a polyester shell and a breathable nylon lining for ventilation. It also has fully-sealed seams with a durable center-front zipper and an adjustable storm hood. On top of that, there are a number of bright colors to choose from.

What fans say: "I used it in Scotland in the fall wearing it over a sweater. It rained quite a bit and I was always dry. [...] The wind does not penetrate and the drawstrings on the hood can be tightened to snuggly fit to your head."

  • Available sizes: X-Small to X-Large


This Rugged Gore-Tex Raincoat That's Lightweight And Extra Long

What's great about it: Made with top-of-the-line Gore-Tex for serious rainstorms, this high-end rain jacket is designed to keep you 100% dry, even during torrential downpours. The lightweight rain shell is thin and bulk-free, so you can wear it over sweaters, as well as other thick clothing items. Plus, it has an adjustable hood and fully taped seams. The arms feature pit zips for air circulation, and the Velcro cuffs block wind, rain, and other elements. It's available in black, red, blue, or white.

What fans say: "This jacket will absolutely keep you dry in the rain, even a heavyrain. When it comes to weatherproofing/waterproofing, there really is no better material out there than GORE-TEX and while it may not be the warmest jacket around, it will keep you dry--and it fends off the wind pretty well. [...] Even if you're just headed into the city or out for a hike and the weather is questionable, it's nice to be able to have dry gear with you that doesn't weigh much."

  • Available sizes: X-Small to X-Large

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