These Highly-Rated Shower Heads On Amazon Will Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

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There’s a reason people suggest a “hot shower” as the cure for just about anything, from terrible migraines to work stress: it can drastically improve your mood. And the key to having the best shower is to secure one of the best-rated shower heads, which can turn your standard shower into an even more relaxing experience.

When choosing from the best-rated shower heads, the two things to focus on are the types of shower heads and the features they include. You'll first want to consider whether you want a handheld or fixed shower head. While handheld shower heads offer a greater range of flexibility as you shower, fixed shower heads come in a variety of models, from traditional to rain shower heads.

Then decide whether you want a single-setting model or a multi-setting model. If you enjoy a simple shower, single-setting shower heads will get the job done. But for a spa-quality experience, opt for a multi-setting shower head with an assortment of water pressure levels, like "mist," and "massage" settings.

And for an even bigger upgrade, take a look at shower towers, which feature plenty of high-tech settings like massage nodules and digital water temperature displays, and will often combine both fixed and handheld functionality for the most comprehensive shower system.

Rest easy. Whether you're after an affordable price tag, fancy features, or an easy installation process, this round up of the best-rated shower heads on Amazon will have what you need.


The Best Overall: A Handheld Shower Head For A Wide Range Of Motion

For the shower head with the greatest range of motion at the most affordable price, look no further than this highly-rated handheld option by AquaDance. Easy to fit into an angle-adjustable overhead bracket or to use as a handheld shower head, this model has a 5-foot stainless steel hose that offers plenty of flexibility. And with six unique water pressure settings, this model provides a customizable shower experience at a budget-friendly, $17 price. It also features a simple, tool-free installation process, and easily fits into any shower arm without needing a plumber to install it. Over 2,400 five-star reviews on Amazon concur: this shower head is the "best $20 I ever spent!"


The Best Budget Buy: An Affordable, Low-Flow Shower Head That Will Save You Money On Water Bills

For the most affordable shower head on the market, this chrome shower head from Niagara is the perfect choice. At just $8, this shower head has all the basic features and power you'll need for a relaxing shower. A few things to note: this is a low-flow shower head that promises to use 40 percent less water than other models like it (and save you way more money on water bills). However, reviewers are quick to say that you can't tell the difference in water pressure when compared to their previous shower heads. One fan says, "The most amazing thing about it is that when you shower you can't tell that you're using a low-flow head!" And, while this is a fixed shower head that offers slightly less flexibility than handheld models, for this price the quality can't be beat, and 300 five-star reviews will back that statement up.


The Best For Your Hair: A Shower Head With Vitamin C Filters That Eliminate Chemicals

While many of the shower heads on this roundup can filter for hard water, this shower head from Aqua Franeli takes that process to the next level. Not only does it feature a 12-step filtration system to address hard water issues, but it also works at removing chlorine, sediments, bacteria, and other irritants from your water, making it the best shower head for your skin and hair health. And, because its cartridges are infused with vitamin C, your hair and skin will receive a healthy boost of that essential vitamin as you shower every day. The experience is great as well. One reviewer puts it best, "I love how relaxing the water feels. Definitely an awesome purchase 👏"


The Best Dual Rain Shower Head: A Wide-Stream Shower Head With Two Pressure Settings

This handheld rain shower head combo has earned its 2,000 plus positive reviews. It's easy to install (no plumber required) and even easier to keep clean thanks it's rub-clean jets that prevent lime scale buildup. One reviewer praised the experience of using this shower head, saying it felt just “like you're in a spa." And if you're worried the gentle pressure of a rain shower head won't be enough for you, rest easy. This model, six settings from "rain" to mist.


The Best Splurge: A Multi-Head Shower Head System For The Ultimate Shower Experience

This shower tower has all the features you would need for the most luxurious and all-encompassing shower experience: an overhead shower head, a handheld shower head, eight body massage nozzles, and even a tub spout – all on a singular shower panel. There’s even a temperature display screen that will assist you in customizing your shower temperature down to the degree. While this shower head has a few more steps to the installation process than other options on this list, most reviewers said it wasn’t too complicated, with one saying it was “as easy as hooking up a washing machine… even easier actually because it isn’t as heavy and it is way more fun to use.” And ultimately, fans of this shower head say, with its high-tech features and durable construction, this shower tower is "worth every penny."

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