5 Comfy Reading Pillows To Snuggle Up With This Winter

by Lisa Fogarty

If you're someone who's committed to spending more time reading this year — wonderful. But unfortunately, reading, watching TV, or just generally relaxing are usually done via one's bed or couch, which can actually lead to neck, shoulder, and back pain. The best reading pillows are here to help, however, by providing enough support for your body so you can focus on the task at hand (even if the task is doing nothing) and spend less time concentrating on aches and pains.

Reading pillows, also known as husband pillows, are generally soft and cushiony, with armrests, top handles (for portability), and high backs to cradle your upper body. You can find pillows with firmer support, which are great if you have chronic pain, or comfortable pillows filled with shredded foam that conform to your body. There are versions constructed from hypoallergenic materials, like bamboo, which relieve allergy symptoms, and or those made of fabrics that can be spot cleaned with a damp towel (a plus if you have kids or pets).

If you've never experienced the comfort and support of one of these body pillows, you're in for a real treat: Just prepare to never want to leave your bed or couch (or wherever you wind up plopping down) ever again.


An Oversized Reading Pillow With A Removable, Machine-Washable Cover

If you're searching for a soft reading pillow with a less snug fit and more room to stretch out (it's 21 inches high and 20 inches wide), this oversized option is perfect. It's made from shredded foam padding and has thick, long arms, a top carry handle, and a removable cover, so you can throw it in the washing machine.


A Shaggy, Retro-Looking Pillow That Comes In Three Fun Colors

Add a fun touch to your bedroom with this shaggy, retro-inspired reading pillow, which comes in three bright colors: lime, hot pink, and turquoise. It has arm rests and a carrying handle, and is easy to spot clean, only requiring a damp cloth.


An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Pillow That's Soft Enough To Sleep On

This reading pillow is made with an eco-friendly rayon from a bamboo blend, which makes it hypoallergenic and breathable — perfect for warmer climates or anyone who suffers from allergies. It can be spot cleaned with ease and is filled with shredded memory foam, so it'll contour to your body's natural shape. If you have to sleep elevated, but find propped-up pillows uncomfortable, try this option instead.


A High-Quality Option That Comes With A Detachable Neck Pillow

The husband pillow has so many great features that make it perfect for anyone who wants to lounge more comfortably. Its detachable neck pillow offers additional upper body support, and a built-in pocket can hold items like your phone, a book, or a pair of glasses. It has a built-in handle at the top, for carrying, and is filled with shredded foam with a soft microsuede cover. Choose from 12 diverse colors, from light pink and lilac to black, white, and sky blue.


A Luxury Lounge Pillow Designed By A Back And Neck Expert

If you suffer from back or neck pain, you need a high-quality reading pillow that won't go soft after a few uses. This one was designed by a doctor who specializes in back and neck health. It has a strong frame with armrests that pivot inward and outward, a headrest that slides up and down, and a down lumbar pillow that shifts to support your back where you need it most. Available in two sizes — small and regular — it comes in a whopping 18 colors and fabrics, including denim, suede, and a nautical blue and white striped.

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