These Retractable Leashes Let Your Dog Run Free — But Keep Them Safe And Secure


Unlike your standard, fixed-length leashes —which offer nothing more than a few feet of nylon — the best retractable dog leashes give your pup freedom to roam while still ensuring they can be reined in should they round the corner to an excitable puppy. That said, not all retractable leaches are created equal. Some are made with better materials and others are better suited for your particular breed, or size of dog.

As far as material goes, the best retractable leashes are made from tough, double-stitched nylon or polyester, and have extra features like reflective striping, or a built-in flashlight that allows you to walk your pup day or night. They'll feature soft handles (so that no matter how much your dog pulls, you don't get rope burn), provide enough length that your dog can explore freely, and have strong locks that retract and hold your pup in place.

To some degree, your choice will depend on the size of your dog. After all, most retractable leashes are designed with a certain weight and size capacity in mind. The best leash for a large dog will be different than the best one for a smaller puppy.

To help you out with this decision, I’ve put together a list of the best retractable dog leashes for every size and walking style.


The Best For Small Dogs

If you have a small dog, this mini-sized retractable leash is a fantastic option designed for pups up to 25 pounds. It features a smooth, ribbon-style cord that easily retracts in and out without getting caught or snagged. It's lightweight, despite its sturdy ABS plastic shell, and built with an ergonomic grip so it feels natural in your hand. The nylon is reflective for extra visibility at night and the release is a slider rather than a push-button so it doesn't strain your thumb to control. "Bought this leash for my smallest of 3 dogs," said one Amazon user. "He likes to play with the big boys so it's nice to have better control on when and how far he can go. The leash is very sturdy and is comfortable to carry. Retracts easily and makes for a pleasant walking experience with my little terror."


The Best For Medium & Large Dogs

This extra-strong retractable leash is made specifically for medium- and large-sized dogs who tend to tug and pull a lot. It showcases an easy lock-and-release button so you can give your pup the freedom to roam without getting dragged onto your neighbor's lawn. With 16 feet of thick nylon, it's super tough yet still feels lightweight. It can handle up to 110 pounds and, best of all, comes with an attachable poop bag so you'll never be that person standing there empty-handed while the neighbors judge you. "This leash is an absolute game-changer!" said one happy reviewer. "Its lock function is sturdier than I would have ever imagined. ... Definitely the perfect balance between keeping her within a safe distance and giving her freedom to explore."


The Best For Nighttime Walks

Designed for folks who take a lot of night walks, this awesome retractable leash features a built-in flashlight to illuminate the path ahead. It has 9 powerful LED lights that is completely detachable so you can bring it with you when needed, or leave it behind during daytime walks. It has 26 feet of ultra-sturdy polyester ribbon and a tough, corrosion-resistant plastic case. Although it can handle dogs up to 100 pounds, the compact design makes it light enough to use with your little pooch, too. "The flashlight is super convenient," said one Amazon customer. "I don't have to fumble around with my cell phone light, a leash and a poo bag all at once when it's dark out. The whole thing is a bit large at first but it's very lightweight and sturdy and I'm totally used to it now."


The Best For Two Dogs

With a smooth-gliding swivel mechanism that prevents them from flipping on top of one another, this retractable double-dog leash gives each pup 10 feet of room in either direction without the lines tangling. They spin 360 degrees and feature color-coded brake buttons to control each dog separately. Each of the sturdy cords can handle dog up to 50 pounds and is equipped with reflective striping. One fan also praises, "The portion where the leashes retract into rotates so that when the dogs cross over each other, the guides cross with them." Bottom line? This leash is a slam-dunk retractable option if you have more than one fur-friend.


The Best For Running

Though this system uses bungee cord rather than your standard click-and-lock mechanism, this hands-free dog leash is nevertheless considered a retractable leash, offering up to 67 inches of stretch for your pup. The dual-spring bungee is tough enough to hold dogs up to 150 pounds and it features reflective stitching for night walks. "My dog naturally wants to run but with the dual bungees it slows him and gently retracts him back to me," one reviewer notes. "This prevents him from being able to yank me off course when he gets interested in a dog barking through a fence."

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