These Popular Cat Toys Are All Top-Sellers On Amazon

Cats are finicky creatures, and any feline parent knows that getting a new toy is always a gamble. With so many choices out there, sometimes it helps to look at the best-selling cat toys for guidance. Top-sellers have proven track records among Amazon reviewers and typically fall into four distinct categories:

  • Laser Pointers: These are great toys for those spastic, hyperactive cats who love nothing more than chasing bright objects around the room.
  • Ribbon Wands: These classic toys are perfect for curious kitties who love to chase, bat, and swat things.
  • Scratch pads: These satisfying contraptions are designed for cats who love to claw at everything (including your drapes).
  • Tunnels: These devices are ideal for cats who love to explore new places or hide out in cozy nooks.

Given these different styles, I’ve put together a list of the most popular cat toys on Amazon in each category. Before diving in, take a minute to think about your kitty’s personality. Do they like to chase things around your home, bat tiny objects, or scratch their claws against the furniture? When making your selection, keep in mind that you should always supervise your cats during play in case they're able to break off any small pieces.


The Best-Selling Laser Pointer

If you have a cat who chases anything that moves, yours will go wild for this set of two LED laser-pointer toys. Built with sturdy aluminum and a powerful LED light, it's strong and bright with a long range that stretches 9 to 16 feet (and some reviewers say it even goes 30 or 40 feet). The two-in-one function allows it to be used as a red laser or a white flashlight. Best of all, the battery-powered LED light lasts 10,000 hours before needing replacement. After playing with the laser, you may want to reward your cat with a treat or a toy they can actually grab so they don't get frustrated. Also, be sure to never look directly at the laser, or point it in your cat's eyes.


The Best-Selling Ribbon Wand

This super popular cat toy, which has over 900 reviews on Amazon, is your classic ribbon wand. It's made from a rainbow-patterned polyester fabric that's soft and fleece-like. The wand itself is flexible and tough to break due to its bending ability. On top of providing your cat with entertainment, it also gives them a great aerobic workout. But if your cat is a big time chewer, this probably isn't the right choice for them. A few reviewers said their cats were able to shred the material and get pieces off, which could be hazardous, so don't leave them with this unsupervised.


The Best-Selling Cat Scratch Pad Toy

This clever cat scratcher toy is a giant best-seller, with over 7,200 reviews on Amazon. It features a moat-like channel around the scratch pad and a built-in ball that's just big enough to keep from dislodging, providing hours of entertainment for your cat as they attempt to bat it out of there. The textured pad is fairly durable, but if it does ever get worn down, the piece is replaceable. "I foster cats and litters, so I can say from experience that very few cats can resist this toy, especially if you sprinkle the catnip on it," wrote one pleased reviewer. "Even tiny kittens love it."


The Best-Selling Cat Tunnel

There's nothing cats love more than disappearing into tiny spaces, and this collapsible cat tunnel features three such irresistible places. Even better, the tunnel is covered in crinkle paper — enough to drive your cat wild with the crisp, crackling sound. The tunnel walls are constructed with tough, tear-resistant polyester that's wrapped tightly around a sprung-steel frame. It has protective ends, so your cat won’t be able to hurt themselves as they attempt to destroy their abode. For added entertainment, there's even a bell toy hanging at one of the entrances. When you want to pack this tunnel away, an elastic band helps it fold up for easy travel or storage.


The Best-Selling Variety Pack

Filled to the brim with 24 different items, this multi-toy cat package has more than 350 five-star reviews. If you're still not sure what kind of toys will impress your cat, there's sure to be something in here that does the trick. This pack includes a collapsible tunnel, a ribbon wand, an interactive feather toy, a fluffy mouse, and a handful of crinkle balls. "I got a litter of foster kittens and needed toys STAT!" wrote one reviewer. "This fit the bill nicely. There are many different toys and textures, and the kittens are having ball." I will note that, although the package is indeed a best-seller, some toys are a little flimsy and probably won’t last as long as others. Still, it's a great deal for the price. Like with other selections, play should be supervised, and some toys won't be good for chewers.

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