These Incredible Snail Masks Will Solve All Your Skin Care Woes

by Deanna McCormack

Thanks to the explosion of Korean beauty products now available in the U.S., and because of its effectiveness when it comes to improving skin tone and texture, snail mucin has become a household name in the world of skin care. The best snail masks, which repair and revitalize the skin's surface so that it appears dewier, smoother, and more even, also often contain added active ingredients like glycolic acid, bee venom, and ceramides to increase its effectiveness and potency.

Snail secretion filtrate, or snail mucin, as it's often referred to, has existed in Asian skincare for a long time. It's become increasingly popular in recent years because, much like the retinol, it has the ability to resurface the skin so that it looks soft and plump. Snail mucin is also packed with nutrients and naturally contains hyaluronic acid, proteins, and antimicrobial peptides, which increase skin's elasticity, lock in moisture, and boost your skin's production of collagen and elastin. It can even fade acne scars and reduce hyper-pigmentation.

Below are five of the best snail masks you can buy, including an option to clear breakouts and reduce inflammation, one you can wear overnight, and another that will even out unbalanced skin tones. Happy masking!


Best Overnight Mask: A Rich, Skin-Repairing Cream Mask With 50 Percent Snail Extract

Mizon's Snail Sleeping Pack is a rich, overnight cream mask that contains 50 percent snail extract to repair, smooth, and heal your skin as you sleep. The super gentle formula — which is perfect for all skin types — contains botanical and herbal extracts and peptides to strengthen the skin. Meanwhile, shea butter, olive oil, and honey replenish moisture so that you wake up with skin that looks dewy and feels hydrated.


Best For Dull Or Tired Skin: A Sheet Mask Infused With Bee Venom For An Instant Refresh

Trick people into thinking you slept a full 8 hours (when it was really more like 4) with this best-selling sheet mask. In order to naturally plump and smooth skin, Benton's Snail Bee High Content Mask uses bee venom, in addition to a high concentration of snail mucin. The bee venom firms and improves texture, while the snail mucin and ingredients like arbutin and adenosine strengthen and lift the skin. The results? A healthy, luminous complexion. After using this sheet mask, your tired skin will also look smooth, firm, and hydrated. For just $20, you'll get 10 masks.


Best For Dry Skin: A Moisture-Packed Mask That Hydrates And Soothes Skin While You Sleep

Although snail extract is best known for improving skin tone and texture, MISSHA's Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask combines that powerful ingredient with baobab tree extract, phytoncide, and deep sea water to restore hydration and heal stressed-out skin while you sleep. Perfect for dry skin that could use a boost of lightweight moisture, this creamy renewing mask energizes dull skin, reduces dry spots, and improves the overall health of your skin.


Best For Acne And Inflammation: A Non-Irritating, Highly Concentrated Snail Sheet Mask That Heals Irritated Skin

If you have blemish-prone skin that's easily irritated and often inflamed, yet you still want to take advantage of the repairing properties of snail mucin, try LA PURE's Snail Regeneration Korean Facial Mask. This sheet mask contains a very high concentration of snail secretion filtrate compared to other masks, so you'll see results faster. Also, it contains skin-healing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fruit and leaf extracts, and other nutrients that reduce inflammation and redness. Safe for all skin types (including sensitive), the formula is non-irritating, paraben- and alcohol-free, and the sheets are made of 100 percent cotton. Every order comes with 10 sheet masks.


Best For Uneven Skin Tone: A Luxurious Sheet Mask With Gently EGlycolic Acid

In addition to its star ingredient (spoiler alert: it's snail mucus), Serment Korean Cosmetics' Rejuvenating Snail Mask contains EGF peptides, ceramides, glycolic acid, and allantoin. The snail extract and EGF peptides revitalize and repair tired skin while the ceramides and sodium hyaluronate add serious hydration. The allantoin and glycolic acid clear blackheads, dry skin, and dirt, so you skin is left clear and free of pollutants, debris, and excess sebum. These sheet mask cost a little more than some others, but they're safe for all skin types and actively reduce irritation, redness, and inflammation. Plus, you get 10 masks per purchase, so they'll last you ages.

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