The 5 Best Socks For Cold Weather

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Because our bodies use our feet to regulate our core body temperature, choosing the right socks for cold weather is important. And while typical cotton blends are fine for most of the year, the best socks for cold weather are made with thicker fabrics, like wool and fleece, that retain heat better. But beyond material, there are a few other things you'll want to look for in a pair of socks.

Keep top of mind what sort of activities you'll be doing in these socks. If you're planning on skiing, snowboarding, or exercising outside, you'll want a pair of socks built with moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry. Some thermal socks are designed specifically with these purposes in mind, but others are made of a fluffier fleece material that's more suitable for indoor wear as you curl up by the fire or pad around the house sans shoes.

But regardless of what your needs are, there is a pair of warm socks out there for you. For more details, keep reading to check out a comprehensive list of the best socks for cold weather you can buy on Amazon. Pro tip: They'll pair perfectly with the best snow boots.

1. Overall Best, All Things Considered

Not only are these wool pocket socks made with a heavyweight, merino wool blend, but they are designed with pockets above the toe area where you can insert toe warmers. This pair comes with two toe warmers included to keep your feet warm for up to six hours at a time. And, because you can easily pop out the toe warmers if you get too hot, these socks are perfect for transitioning from colder outdoor weather to warmer inside temperatures. One fan raved in an Amazon review, "These socks are amazing! They go up to the knee and are soft and cushy. I wore them around the lodge in Alaska (which was -18 degrees outside) and they stayed warm and dry. I wore these socks everywhere!"

  • Available sizes: Medium or Large

2. Most Affordable

These medium-weight Color City wool socks are a great deal for the price, and they don't skimp on quality. For under $15, you get five pairs of socks made of a soft wool, cotton, and polyester blend in a variety of colors. They're even made with a bit of spandex to hold them in place on your calf and prevent them from loosening up after each wash. Reviewers love them, too: "As soon as I put these socks on, my feet go from freezing to warm very quick. I live in the UP of Michigan, so these are definitely a great pair of socks to buy if you are looking for something to keep your feet warm."

  • Available sizes: One size

3. Best For Under Boots

Made with a wool and cashmere blend, these knee-high socks are the perfect thing to wear under tall boots. They're also constructed with polyester and spandex that'll keep them from sliding down your feet in your shoes. Best of all, they're machine washable and won't stretch out with repeated wear. Many reviewers even wear this pair of socks underneath jeans or other pants to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures.

  • Available sizes: One size

4. Best For Indoors

Boasting polyester fleece with a soft, fluffy texture, these lightweight Noble Mount Twin Boat fuzzy winter socks are made to be worn without shoes. They're breathable and have grips on the bottom to prevent slipping and sliding on hard floors. Reviewers say they're comfortable enough to sleep in, too. With such an affordable price tag, you'll want to stock up on all 10 color options.

  • Available sizes: One

5. Best For Winter Sports

Warm socks that wick away sweat are a necessity when participating in outdoor winter activities. And these Wigwam women's snow socks do that and more, thanks to their medium-weight wool blend that contains moisture-resistant properties. Plus, these have another unique feature: extra-cushioning around the shin area that's designed to help prevent friction on your legs during downhill skiing and snowboarding. Best of all, they come with a lifetime guarantee, making them an all-around great investment.

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium or Medium

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