These Ski Socks Are A Must When You Hit The Slopes

You use your feet more than anything else when you’re skiing, so it's essential that they be comfortable and warm. Unfortunately, regular socks won't cut it — you need the best socks for skiing (aka those designed specifically for snow sports). These tend to be a little pricier but trust me, they're 100 percent worth it. A good pair of ski socks will be:

  • Moisture-wicking: This is perhaps the most important feature. Look for materials like merino wool or other lightweight fabrics that wick moisture, manage odor, and dry quickly.
  • Thin and lightweight: This may seem counterintuitive, but the thinner your socks are, the warmer they'll keep you. Unlike thicker pairs, socks that are thin and lightweight won't trap moisture (which can leave feet feeling cold).
  • Long: They need to be tall enough to run the length of your ski boots. You don’t want ankle or even calf-length socks when you’re skiing because they may bunch up or allow your boots to rub against your shins.
  • Snug: Unlike those cozy wool socks you might buy for lounging around, your ski socks need to have a tight fight in order to stay up and not chafe. Once you’re skiing, you won’t be able to remove your boots or make adjustments, so you really don't want socks that slide down. Not only will this be annoying, but it could cause blisters and even affect your performance.

This list of the best socks for skiing will help you forget about your feet and have fun while you're out on the slopes.


The Overall Best Ski Socks

Backed by more than 380 five-star reviews, these highly popular merino wool ski socks offer an awesome combination of comfort and moisture management. Constructed with a high-tech blend of polypropylene and merino wool, these socks will keep your feet cool inside your boots. They offer cushioned knitting in the shin, ankle, and foot box for chafe-free comfort, as well as elastic arch support to minimize foot fatigue. The firm elastic band at the top of these socks will prevent them from sliding down to your ankles. Best of all, they're machine-washable and come at a great mid-range price.


The Best Budget Ski Socks

These affordable ski socks are 60 percent cotton, which isn't the most ideal fabric for moisture management, but they're a great choice if you're on a budget and need something better than regular cotton socks. In addition to the cotton, the socks feature 37 percent nylon and 3 percent LYCRA, which gives them moisture-wicking properties as well as flexibility. They're warm, not too thick, and offer enhanced circulation ability on top of odor protection. The no-slip cuff helps keep them from sliding down, and the soft cushioning around the ankles adds an extra layer of comfort. "My toes were always warm, and the thicker parts of the sock provide ski (boot) protection from wear and tear on the shins and heels and calves," wrote one reviewer. "Highly recommend for any outdoor winter activity!"


The Most Lightweight Ski Socks

Whether you're someone who tends to get sweaty feet when you ski, or you just prefer a cooler, less bulky feel, these ultra lightweight skiing socks are a great choice. They're built with a high-density knit woven from 62 percent merino wool, 34 percent nylon, and 4 percent LYCRA, which adds stretchiness and supports movement. The super soft fabric is designed with a snug, performance fit that stays up without feeling tight or restrictive. Even better: the durable socks offer a lifetime guarantee, so if they ever get holes or start unthreading, you can send them back and essentially have new ski socks for life.


The Best Anti-Odor Ski Socks

These anti-microbial ski socks are infused with ultra-fine threads of silver that help minimize odor, making them the perfect pair if you're someone who's prone to stinky feet. Made with 70 percent Silver DryStat, the fabric technology prevents bacteria from building up, eliminating that sweaty, "I just skied hard" smell in your boots. On top of the silver material, the fabric has 15 percent micro-supreme, 10 percent nylon, and 5 percent spandex, making the socks stretchy and flexible. Strategic ventilation placed at key perspiration points helps provide even more odor management. The socks are lightweight and soft with a snug feel that minimizes pressure points. They have low-density padding and a seamless toe pocket, making them comfortable and blister-resistant.


The Best Compression Ski Socks

If you want compression socks, either for performance or to reduce soreness, this unisex pair from CEP is a fantastic choice. They offer the benefits of compression socks without feeling tight or uncomfortable. The high-tech skiing socks are made with 67 percent polyamide, 23 percent merino wool, and 10 percent elastane. The blend offers a great balance of moisture-wicking properties and graduated compression to bolster circulation. They have a special knit that delivers cushioning at strategic spots, while the thickness is reduced where it isn’t needed. They're great for your muscles and feel super cozy and warm to boot (no pun intended).

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