Some Tea Kettles Are Safer For Gas Stoves Than Others — & Here Are The Best Ones

A metal silver teapot on a gas stove in the kitchen

Prepare the perfect cup of tea — or pour-over coffee — at home with one of the best tea kettles for a gas stove. These kettles are designed to boil water quickly over a flame and are made from rust-resistant materials. Just as important, they will match your kitchen decor style.

When shopping for your kettle, consider the type of material it's made from:

  • Stainless steel: This sleek-looking metal is popular because of how heat-resistant, and durable it is. It's also known to be rust proof. Steel can be very hot to the touch, however, so models with insulated touchpoints (like silicone handles) will help offset the hazard.
  • Cast iron: Serious tea drinkers love its distinctive look, and this heavy-duty metal is also known for retaining heat exceptionally well. Traditionally, they're reserved for brewing and serving tea, but there are worthy stove-top safe options. Instead of a conventional Japanese tetsubin, which tends to be more high maintenance, you'll want a kettle with a protective enamel layer that helps guard against rust. Then remember: keep the flame on your gas stove low in order to maintain the integrity of the cast iron.
  • Copper: Another decorative option that's been given a modern upgrade, many of these pots now come lined with tin or stainless steel to ensure they are lead-free. Copper is naturally rust-free and heats up quickly, but since it's a softer metal, you'll need to stand by so that you can remove it from the flame as soon as it starts to whistle to prevent scorching.
  • Glass: It's the least stylish looking, but it's often the only kind that's dishwasher safe. And because it's transparent, it's also easier to see how much water is inside. Look for borosilicate glass, which can withstand high heat and considered one of the most nontoxic options for boiling water. Just be careful when handling as glass is extra breakable.

You'll find a list of the best tea kettles for a gas stove below.

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The Best Stainless Steel Kettle

  • Capacity: 96 ounces

With 1,500 perfect five-star reviews, Amazon users boast this Pykal whistling tea kettle is a great option for a gas stovetop, especially for the price. It has a large capacity and is constructed from surgical-grade stainless steel that helps protect the interior of the kettle from rust. It will also boil water fast thanks to its base, which is made with five layers of even heat-conducting metals (including steel, iron, and aluminum). A loud whistle will let you know when your water is ready, and a push-button design makes it easy to pour. The kettle also has an insulated handle that stays cool to the touch so you don't need to wear gloves to handle it. This model also comes with two tea infusers and a 1-year warranty.

Note: It's not dishwasher safe and should be cleaned instead by hand washing it with mild soap and water.

Helpful review: “I have a gas stovetop and the bottom of this kettle is perfectly wide enough so I can put the burner on high without worrying about flames going around and up the kettle sides. The push button lever action works easily and the connection to the pour spout is always solid. It empties completely so the inside drys fast without any residue.”


The Best Stainless Steel Kettle For Pour-Over Coffee

  • Capacity: 54 ounces

If pour-over coffee is your drink of choice, this gooseneck kettle from Coffee Gator is your best bet. The gooseneck design allows better control of the flow of water coming out of the spout. It's designed with rust-resistant stainless steel and boasts a built-in, easy-to-read thermometer so you can heat the water to an exact temperature. Since stainless steel becomes very hot to the touch, this kettle also features an insulated body and handle for safety, as well a three-layer metal base for more even and quick heating. However, with a gas stove, you'll want to be careful to use a small flame, so the flame doesn't get close enough to the silicone sleeve that it could potentially melt it.

Per the manufacturer, this kettle is not dishwasher safe and should instead be cleaned regularly with a dishwashing detergent and soft cloth, sponge, or brush. Just remember to remove the thermometer before cleaning.

Helpful review: "This is my first pour-over style kettle. I heat it on the smaller gas burner on our range. Filled to the Max mark it takes about 13 minutes to reach 200F. The pour is very controlled and does the job well. I like the hinged lid which makes filling easy. The gauge is easy to read. This pot also can hold a larger volume than most of the others which is a big plus."


The Best Cast Iron

  • Capacity: 40 ounces

This Japanese-made teapot from Toptier comes in a variety of gorgeous color options and sizes. This one is applauded by many Amazon fans for its versatility (use it to heat water and as an elegant way to brew and serve tea). "I really like that it is stovetop safe so reheating is not a problem," writes one user. To keep its solid construction intact, the manufacturer recommends using only a small flame and only filling it three-quarters of the way to the top.

Open the top and inside you'll notice an enamel interior, which helps curb rusting and prevents the cast iron from altering the taste of the tea. As a bonus, it also comes with a stainless steel tea infuser. Note: the handle is also made from cast iron, which means it could be hot to the touch. You may want to keep an oven mitt or dishtowel nearby for safe pouring.

Helpful review: “We really like the size, especially for our gas stove, and like the ability to put a teabag in for steeping. The handle and top get very hot so always remember to use a hot pad.


The Best Copper Tea Kettle

  • Capacity: 51 ounces

This Demmex hammered copper tea kettle is both beautiful and functional. Each kettle is made and engraved by hand in Turkey and features a lead-free tin lining to make the kettle easier to clean, as well as a wooden handle for safer handling. This is the only pick on this list that doesn't have a whistle, though, so just remember not to walk away when you're boiling water. One Amazon user points out that it's "no problem since it heats water in no time!"

The manufacturer doesn't provide instructions on cleaning, but given copper's delicate nature, you can maintain its shine (and keep it free of corrosion) by hand-washing with soap or a vinegar solution.

Helpful review: "Absolutely beautiful kettle and I love how quickly it heats up. I put the gas flame on my stove only to about middle heat so the bottom hasn’t been tarnished yet though I’ve used it regularly for a couple months now. Heats the water in just minutes. No whistle but I can see the steam coming out very easily when it’s ready and I know it’s only going to be a few minutes so I don’t go run off. Design is gorgeous."


The Best Glass Kettle

  • Capacity: 48 ounces

For a low-maintenance and affordably priced tea kettle, look no further than this BPA-free Cafe Brew stovetop kettle. Although it whistles, you'll find that it's also handy to actually see the water boil inside this kettle. It's crafted from borosilicate heat-resistant glass, which is the same kind used in science labs, ensuring your water will remain pure. Best of all, it's top-rack dishwasher safe, so you won't ever need to hand-wash it or worry about it rusting.

Keep in mind, some Amazon users report that the plastic handle can get hot directly after boiling. In that case, it's best to wait a minute or keep an oven mitt or dishtowel nearby for safe handling.

Helpful review: “Had to get a new kettle when my steel one turned water rusty - ugh! Being glass the water is always clean. Works well on my gas stove. Need a pot holder for the handle after water is boiled, but no big deal. Highly recommend.”