For A Brighter Smile In Days, Try These Gentle Teeth Whitening Pens Reviewers Swear By


Between cups of coffee by day and a glass of red wine at night, your teeth might be having a tough go of it. A lot of our favorite foods and drinks can permanently stain enamel, which can leave us with a less-than-lustrous smile. Luckily, the best teeth whitening pens can reverse staining and restore your teeth's natural color.

The great thing about whitening pens is they tend to be very easy to use. Pens with flexible, silicone bristles are always a good choice, as well as ones that have some way to apply pressure to push out the gel. Squeezable bases and twistable applicators are key since, over time, leftover whitening gel can congeal around the pen's bristles.

Other than that, you also want to consider your unique teeth. Can your mouth handle the intensity of pens that promise to make your teeth bright in a few days? While they aren't bad for your teeth, some pens are more prone to causing sensitivity over time. If you already have sensitive teeth, an all-natural teeth whitening pen may be your best bet.

If you aren't sure how to pick out the best teeth whitening pen for you, I've got you covered. Here's a roundup of some of the top teeth whitening pens out there to help you narrow it down.


AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pens

With over 2,000 rave Amazon reviews, this whitening pen pack is definitely a fan-favorite. Each compact pen features soft bristles and a twistable bottom to help coax the gel from the tube so you don't waste a drop. The gel itself is made from a powerful carbamide peroxide formula that whitens teeth without causing sensitivity to the nerves. For less than a minute of use per day, teeth can whiten up to eight shades brighter, and each pen has about 20 uses.

A Value Pack With A Cult Following

What fans say: "I loved how my teeth were white immediately! I had absolutely no sensitivity after using these pens ! They are amazing!"


ECCO PURE Teeth Whitening Pen

Not only does this gel whitening pen work wonders on your teeth, but it's really affordable, too. For less than $8, you can crank up the wattage on your smile, and this pen even has the same high-powered ingredients as some other options out there. The gel inside is made with super-effective carbamide peroxide, and the pen itself features soft bristles that make it easy to cover every inch of your teeth.

A Gel Pen That's Super Affordable

What fans say: "I noticed a little bit of whitening happening after the first couple of uses. I've only used natural ways to whiten my teeth before, so this product seemed to work way better than those. The application tip is very easy to use and is mess free! The price is very reasonable for the effectiveness and usability."


Active Wow 24K White Charcoal Teeth Whitening Pen

If your teeth are already sensitive to start with, this charcoal pen is an absolute must. Instead of harsher ingredients, this gel is formulated from a blend of sodium bicarbonate and activated charcoal, so it actually looks black when you first spread it on your teeth. Not to worry, though! As soon as you wipe it off, your teeth will be lighter. Plus, the soft, flexible bristles and twistable bottom make it really easy to apply. Reviewers can't believe how well this pen works since it looks dark when you first apply it.

A Charcoal Pen That's Great For Sensitive Teeth

What fans say: "The taste was minty, it didn't taste terrible like charcoal. It didn't irritate my gums or lips which is a huge plus and NO SENSITIVITY ISSUES after!! At first I didn't notice any difference in my teeth but after about an hour or so after rinsing my mouth, I noticed a difference!"


Fairywill Teeth Whitening Pens

These teeth whitening pens promise to instantly upgrade your smile, and they're super easy to use. Just twist the bottom and watch as the powerful carbamide peroxide gel seeps through the tube opening. And the best part? The bristles on these pens are made from soft, flexible silicone that actually inhibits bacteria growth so your mouth stays fresh and clean. This pack also comes with a unique sponge tool that helps to evenly spread the whitening gel over your teeth for a uniform smile.

These Powerful Pens That Come With Their Own Sponge

What fans say: "This set is super easy to use and will brighten your teeth to Hollywood perfect! No unpleasant taste. No unwanted side effects like irritated gums. I see a difference already! Good purchase. Five stars!"


Dr. Brite Get Brite Teeth Whitening Pen

This organic whitening pen does the heavy lifting of other pens while using vegan, natural ingredients. The whitening formula is made from food-grade hydrogen peroxide as well as other all-natural ingredients like coconut and mint oils. The twistable bottom and sterile bristles make application mess-free, and this stuff works fast — your teeth will be multiple shades whiter within a couple of days.

This Organic Option That's Made From Coconut Oil

What fans say: "Very easy to use and convenient to travel with as well! Bristles are nice and soft, the taste is refreshing and not yucky at all. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. I’ve definitely noticed some whitening so it works too!"


You May Also Want: AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

If you're ready to truly kick your smile up a notch, this whitening kit with LED light is the perfect solution. Instead of a standard whitening "pen," this kit includes two syringes filled with high-powered carbamide peroxide gel, a tray for your teeth, and an LED light. To use, just squeeze the gel directly into the tray, press over your teeth, and apply the light. The included LED light features five bulbs that directly activate the gel for an even whiter, brighter smile.

This Whitening Kit That Has Its Own LED Light

What fans say: "I was hesitant to try a lightening treatment since my teeth are very very sensitive. I have to say I am impressed with the results. I'm thrilled there's something out there that helped without causing discomfort. I've only used a portion of the first of two gel syringes so I'll have plenty more uses ahead. I found it much easier to apply the gel directly to my dry teeth and then insert the tray, it just felt like the gel was distributed more evenly."

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