The 5 Best Tents For Cold Weather Camping

stocksy/RG&B Images

When camping in the cold weather, you'll have to go up against frost, winds, and winter storms. Luckily, there are specifically-designed tents to protect you from the elements. The best tents for cold weather camping are strong, made of water-repellant fabric, and often have steep sides to keep snow from building up on top of the tent.

First, consider if the place you're camping will be snowy. If you plan to use your tent for hiking or mountaineering, you'll want to consider lightweight options with sloping sides to help keep snow from weighing down the frame. But if you're mostly camping on flat, dry ground for short periods of time, your options are pretty open, including more spacious dome-shaped tents.

Another thing to keep in mind is the strength of the frame and fabric. For example, blizzard poles will be an essential feature to look for in a tent if you plan on camping for more than a few days in windy, and frigid temperatures. On the other hand, your tent won't need as many flaps, pockets, or gear if you aren't planning on taking it up a mountain. Either way, it's important to make sure any cold-weather tent you purchase is made with fabric treated with long-lasting, water-repellent coating.

Here's a round-up of the best tents for cold-weather camping out there so you can get your nature fix all year long.