The 5 Best Titanium Flat Irons


Shopping for a new hair tool can be overwhelming. After all, you want one that's going to last a while. When it comes to flat irons, the options are endless — but they're not all created equal. Ceramic and tourmaline plates may be popular, but the best titanium flat irons actually warm up faster, transfer heat to the hair quicker, and generally last longer.

Still, with so many choices, how do you decide if a titanium straightener is right for you? First, consider your hair type. Because of the fast heat transfer rate, titanium-plated straighteners are better suited for professionals or people with thick, curly, or stubborn hair types. If you have fine hair or aren't very cautious, you could easily cause heat damage to your hair. However, you might still decide to go with titanium because it relies on infrared heat and negative ion technology, which helps reduce frizz, increase shine, and protect your hair's natural moisture levels. Another reason you might choose a straightener with titanium plates over ceramic is because it's by far the most durable option. Titanium may cost a little more, but it's very resistant to scratches or 'hot spots,' so you won't have to worry about replacing it as often, even if you drop it.

In general, if you have thicker hair, lots of straightening experience, or are looking for a durable flat iron that'll last you a while, you'll love these five titanium straighteners, below.