The 5 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners For Tough Stains


Let's be real: Cleaning your toilet is pretty much the worst chore. Between scrubbing stains and blasting away germs, it can also take forever. To get a deep clean without all the scrubbing, you need the best toilet bowl cleaners for tough stains.

Before you buy, you'll want to consider which types of stains you're dealing with. If you have hard water, you'll need a special cleaner to remove the chalky white build-up that tends to stain porcelain. Otherwise, you may want to consider a standard liquid cleaner or eco-friendly solution to keep it squeaky clean.

While some people don't mind getting up close and personal with their toilet — opting for squirt bottle cleaners and sponges — others prefer to stay as far away as possible. In that case, it may be best to go with a hands-off approach like disposable pads for your toilet wand or a bleach tablet.

Starting with a classic liquid cleaner and fan-favorite brush, and ending with a super tough solution, the options below are organized in the order in which I recommend you should try them. Below, the best toilet bowl cleaners for tough stains out there to help you clean up in a flash.