5 Travel-Friendly Hair Dryers To Pack On Your Next Trip


It's a common mistake to leave your blow dryer at home when you go on vacation, expecting the one the hotel provides to be sufficient. Usually, however, it's not — and that can actually be pretty aggravating. This is why owning one of the best travel hair dryers is necessary: Keeping a small, lightweight blow dryer in your carry-on can prevent that pesky problem from occurring once and for all.

Many of you are probably thinking that, when you're on vacation, not having the right blow dryer is the last thing to be worried about. But the cruel reality is, not everyone has the luxury of being able to air dry their hair and walk out the door feeling confident. As anyone with curls who's walked a mile away from home will tell you, different climates can wreak havoc on your hair, and that can actually put a damper on your experience.

Luckily, there's now a whole market for travel-friendly hair tools — and they're pretty affordable, too. When it comes to blow dryers, you'll be getting so much more than something that's just lightweight and easy-to-pack. Many of them are incredibly powerful and run whisper quiet, and some even have features like a cool shot button (to lock in styles) or come with multiple diffuser attachments.

Check out the five highly-rated travel blow dryers, below, so you can always have good hair — anywhere, anytime.


A Budget-Friendly Blow Dryer That Weighs Less Than 1 Pound

Coming in at under less than $10 (yes, you read that correctly), this budget-friendly blow dryer is basic, but reliable. It has two speeds (high and low), a cool shot setting (to set your style), and is made with negative ionic technology (which controls frizz, produces less static, and results in overall healthier hair). Weighing less than a pound, this cute, pink blow dryer produces low noise and also has a hanging ring for easy storage.


A Mid-Range Blow Dryer That Uses Less Energy

For those who like to be as eco-conscious as possible, this energy-efficient blow dryer is for you. It features a patented honeycomb design made of ceramic and silver to distribute the same amount of heat and power as a 2,000 watt dryer, but uses only 1,200 watts. Overall, it uses over 40 percent less energy than the standard professional-quality tool. Another unique feature of this travel-friendly blow dryer is the fact that it uses far-infrared light (as opposed to damaging LED lights) to reduce and prevent damage, so it's great for fine or delicate hair. With a cool shot button, multiple heat settings and air speeds, two included nozzles, and a 10-foot cord, this blow dryer is an incredible bang for your buck.


A Sleek, Professional-Quality Blow Dryer For Coarse Textures

This professional-quality blow dryer might be on the pricier side, but it's worth the investment. Ideal for coarse, hard-to-style textures, it features a clever nozzle that's infused with minerals from volcanic rocks, which keeps hair smooth and hydrated. Because it uses natural ionic technology and has a temperature dial to adjust the heat settings, it's safe to use on fragile textures. Plus, the extra-long cord (9 feet, at that) is perfect for reaching oddly-placed mirrors in hotel rooms. It has a sleek black matte design and was hailed as "hands down the best" by one of many happy customers.


A Popular, Full-Sized (But Lightweight) Blow Dryer That Comes With Multiple Diffusers

Even though attachments take up more space in your luggage, they can be quite useful — especially if you have curly hair that's hard to manage. This blow dryer uses negative ions and infrared heat to smooth out hair, and the two included diffusers help reduce frizz, increase volume, and speed up drying time. It boasts all of the other important bells and whistles, too — like a cool shot button, extra-long cord, and multiple speed and heat settings. One important thing to note is that this is a full-sized blow dryer, but it does weigh much less than most. So, if you're someone who requires a heavy-duty hair tool on the go, but doesn't want the added weight that comes with it, this is a great option.

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