These Multipurpose Wallets Keep All Your Documents Safe, So You Have One Less Travel Concern


Keeping track of your cash while you're on the move can be tricky, especially when you're bouncing from city to city or country to country. Luckily, the best travel wallets can help keep important possessions organized so you can focus on exploring.

The key is to choose a wallet that works with both your adventure and you as a traveler. For example: some travelers can't relax until they know they have everything they need tucked around their neck and out of sight. Other travelers can't stand the idea of unzipping a wallet every time they want to use it, especially if they're pulling it out constantly while they're shopping in a bustling city. And some don't want the responsibility of carrying their entire financial lives on them, so they opt for a simpler, sleeker option for only the essentials. So think about what type of traveler you are? The answer to that question should influence which wallet is right for you.

Once you decide, you just have to consider your trip. After all, the best travel wallet for a Moroccan marketplace may not cut it for climbing Kilimanjaro. To make your search easier, here's a list of the best travel wallets perfect for any traveler and any adventure.


The Best Organizer: A Trifold Wallet With Multiple Pockets

Made from eco-friendly leather, this trifold travel wallet features a pocket for just about everything — there's a compartment specifically sized for a passport, boarding pass, credit card, ID card, and cash. On top of that, there's also a key fob, pen holder, and smartphone pouch for maximum organization. The whole thing snaps shut easily with a button closure. Bonus: this wallet comes in a ton of great colors so you can pick out one that matches your luggage or purse.


The Best Neck Wallet: An All-In-One, Weather-Proof Design

It may scream "tourist," but this neck wallet is an extremely safe option that allows you to keep all your valuables close to the chest. This wallet can be worn around your neck and tucked under just about any top so that it's completely invisible. It also can be worn around your waist by hooking it to one of your belt loops. It's made with high-grade, waterproof material, RFID-blocking lining, and reinforced stitching so your most important documents are totally safe. This wallet features three zippered pockets to hold cash and cards, and an extra-large rear pocket that's the perfect size for a passport so you don't have to leave anything behind when you're on the move.


The Most Durable: A Waterproof Design That Zippers Closed

Made with weatherproof burlap, this zippered travel wallet has enough space for up to eight cards on one side, and room for multiple passports and ID cards on the other, plus an extra large pocket for carrying cash. All of your docs are held in place with a zippered pocket so you don't have to worry about everything spilling out while you're going through security or hopping in a cab. There's even an external pocket that's the perfect size for your smart phone so this wallet can take the place of your purse. Fewer bags to lug around? Major plus!


The Smallest: A Simple, Accordion-Style Card Holder

If you need something a little smaller, MaxGear's super compact travel wallet can hold your most important cards without taking up much space in your bag. At only 3 inches wide when it's full, this zippered leather pouch can fit in just about any pocket or purse with ease. It features nine separated card slots and two cash slots inside, and one clear pocket on the outside, which works perfectly for an ID or visa. On top of that, it also features RFID blocking so your financial info is totally safe while you travel.


A Stylish Option: A Soft Carry-All That Keeps Docs Safe

This stylish lightweight wallet features RFID-blocking and military-grade shielding technology to protect your private info anywhere you go. The material is flexible enough to fit cash, a passport, and a smartphone with ease, plus the slim internal pocket can store multiple credit cards. There's even an external zippered pocket on the back perfectly sized for an ID or another card you'll need to reach for quickly without having to unbutton the clutch. Reviewers love how light this wallet is compared to other travel wallets: "I have been searching for a thin wallet that can hold my money and credit cards and stay thin. Well this is it."

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