These Trunk Organizers Are Must-Haves For Anyone With A Messy Car

by Andrea Hannah

The sound of stuff sliding around a trunk is enough to drive anyone mad. Clinks, clanks, and, if you're unlucky, shattered bottles make it tough to concentrate and can cause chaos in your car. Luckily, the best trunk organizers fit easily in most standard-size cars and have plenty of pockets, sections, and dividers to organize and keep your gear safe.

But what makes a stellar organizer stand out above the rest? The key is in the materials. Any trunk organizer you get has to be constructed from a durable material that holds up to wear and tear, like nylon. Even better if it's also waterproof or water-resistant, in case you do have an accidental spill.

Another thing you want to consider is the storage space itself. If you tend to lug around everything from groceries to sports gear, you'll want a trunk organizer with large, open pockets to hold anything. But if you bring along a lot of smaller, more fragile items like glass bottles or food containers, consider an organizer with plenty of smaller pockets to keep your stuff safe.

Scroll on for the most functional and affordable trunk organizers out there to help you get started.


The Best Trunk Organizer: FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer

With more than a 1,000 positive Amazon reviews, this heavy-duty organizer is popular for a few reasons. For one, it's made from super durable, waterproof nylon that's reinforced so it can hold even the heaviest objects without stretching or tearing. It comes with a removable divider so you can create two roomy compartments (or you can also upgrade to the three compartment version). This organizer even has built-in external mesh pockets you can slip things in if you need them quickly accessible. Plus, with a detachable lid and metal bindings, you can be sure your stuff won't budge while you're on the road.

A Heavy-Duty Option With A Detachable Lid

According to one reviewer: "I was so happy with this when it came! [I]t's super durable and the bottom spacers make it feel extra sturdy. It fits all of my emergency gear, changes of clothes and the outside mesh pockets are great for my bike tools. I'm so happy with it I'm actually ordering a second for my groceries!"


The Best With A Built-In Cooler: Orionstar Trunk Organizer With Cooler

If you tend to lug around groceries and beverages, this trunk organizer and cooler set is an absolute must. This organizer is over 33 inches long and features four equal-size compartments, each one big enough for a grocery bag or two. The two centermost compartments have mesh pockets on the exterior so you can keep important items handy. It also comes with a removable cooler that's lined with thick foam to keep your food or beverages cold for hours. And the best part? The cooler slides perfectly into one of the compartments so you don't have to find a separate space for it (and so you can bring it with you if you're on the way to a beach, or looking to bring your groceries inside). When you're finished, just collapse the whole organizer down and store. Amazon reviewers agree that this one is a lifesaver, particularly for busy parents.

A Trunk Organizer That Comes With Its Own Cooler

According to one reviewer: "Finally my truck is organized. No more water bottle or paper towels flying all over the place. Can easily store the groceries and take it all back to the house. There are small pockets on the side of the bag and a cooler bag that'll come handy. Also really helpful for a mom to carry all the kids stuff. Recommend it for everyone!"


The Best Hanging Trunk Organizer: SURDOCA Car Trunk Organizer

For smaller trunks, this hanging organizer keeps your stuff safe without taking up too much space. It features three super-strong straps that fit perfectly on the last row of seats in most cars. This organizer is made from water-resistant material and features durable mesh pockets so you can see exactly where you've placed all your stuff. It also features "no swing" technology so this organizer never bounces around while you're driving either.

A Hanging Organizer That Saves On Space

According to one reviewer: "This organizer attaches to the headrests and uses Velcro across the back to attach itself to the seat carpet. This improves stability of the overall piece, and keeps everything upright without major sagging, that could potentially cause something to fall out. I rate this organizer at a solid 5 stars and would highly recommend it to friends and family."


The Most Pockets: Trunkcratepro Collapsible Trunk Organizer

Not only will this trunk organizer keep your car clean, but it also has tons of compartments so you can store literally anything. It features three huge compartments and comes with multiple sub-dividers that you can use to create tons of smaller spaces to tuck in fragile items that you don't want rolling around in your trunk. It also features plenty of external pockets to store smaller odds and ends. It's made from a polyester Oxford fabric, which is super tough and long-lasting.

This Versatile Organizer With Tons Of Compartments

According to one reviewer: "I bought this after being very disappointed with a cheaper version of [an] organizer. This is well made and study with good options for set up and use, this is well worth the extra expense."


The Best Structured Trunk Organizer: Alezywels Collapsible Car Trunk Organizer

This box organizer has two built-in handles making it easy to transport, and comes with a lid to protect your stuff. It's made from durable, waterproof plastics and features a webbed design to allow for airflow and so you can easily view what's stored inside. It also comes with a waterproof bag you can place inside as a liner to keep groceries cool or beverages from spilling. The snap-on lid makes it super easy to carry this organizer straight from your trunk to the park or into your home without losing any of your items on the way.

A Sturdy Plastic Storage Box That's Easily Portable

According to one reviewer: "These are very sturdy. I'm keeping two in the back of my Crossover to use for grocery runs and other misc catch-all’s. [L]ove how they break down easily when not in use. I really like that the insulation piece can either be popped in for use or pushed down out of the way."

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