This Retro Method Of Curling Your Hair Is Also The Easiest

by Deanna McCormack

If you love getting a blowout, but don’t have the time (or budget) to visit your local hair salon every week, this list of the best Velcro rollers is about to be a major game-changer. No, seriously. Velcro rollers — and rollers in general — may seem old-school, but with them, you can smooth, straighten, volumize, or curl your hair while you go about the rest of your morning routine. That, and they don’t cause any damage to your hair. Talk about a win-win!

Velcro rollers, which are self-gripping and stay in place without any help from clips, pins, or wraps, work with all hair types, but are especially game-changing for breakage-prone hair, because they don’t need to be clipped in or used with heat. If you don't know how to use velcro rollers, don't worry — they couldn't be easier. When considering what type to buy, you should think about the results you want and the hair you have. For tight curls or waves that resemble what you'd get with a curling iron, opt for small rollers. If, instead, you just want to add volume to your roots or crown, try adding a vertical row of large or medium-sized rollers from your forehead back (two or three should do it). To straighten and smooth out your hair while still gaining volume, cover your head with large-sized rollers and roll them under and toward the scalp when your hair is about 80 percent dry.

However you choose to use them, Velcro hair rollers are seriously hassle-free — you can even sleep in them! So check out these five foolproof options, below.


Self-Grip Velcro Rollers For Blowout-Like Volume & Waves

Drybar High Tops Self Grip Hair Rollers, $22 (6 Pack), Amazon

These self-grip rollers are direct from the hugely popular blowout bar Drybar, and they come in a pack of six (three medium, three large), all of which roll easily into the hair and remove gently without pulling or tugging. The two sizes make it easy to create volume on any length of hair (bigger for longer hair, and medium for shorter), and they can also be used together to create salon-worthy waves.


Sponge-Filled Velcro Rollers You Can Sleep In

NAVAdeal Hook & Loop Sponge Foam Cling Rollers, $8 (12 Pack), Amazon

With a soft sponge on the inside, you can sleep comfortably in these flexible foam rollers and wake up with fabulous curls and amazing volume. Good for wet and dry hair, the NAVAdeal Hook & Loop Sponge Foam Cling Rollers come in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) depending on the type of curl you want to create. Pro Tip: If you sleep in rollers, some of the hair (the part you’ve been lying on) might not dry completely, so blast it quickly with a blow dryer to reset the curls.


Extra-Large Velcro Rollers For Smooth, Straight Hair

Diane Self Grip 3-Inch Ion Ceramic Rollers, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

To achieve smooth, straight hair with rollers (it seems counter-intuitive, but it works!), you'll want to use the biggest rollers you can find. The Diane Self Grip 3-Inch Ceramic Rollers are ideal because they're huge and made to hold heat longer than most others. They're higher priced (per roller), but worth it, because they'll give you smooth, frizz-free volume every single time.


Mini Velcro Rollers For Curling Iron-Like Waves

Soft 'N Style Rollers, $12 (36 Pack), Amazon

For just $12, the budget-friendly Soft 'N Style Rollers arrive with three packs of 12 to give you 36 self-grip rollers that are each under an inch – perfect for all-over curls that look like you used a curling iron. No matter what length your hair is, you'll definitely have enough rollers to achieve the look you want.


A Budget-Friendly Multi-Pack For Every Type Of Curl

Conair Self-Grip Rollers, $8 (31 Pack), Amazon

If you've never used rollers before, or want to be able to create any style of curl (or just add volume) without spending a ton of money, get this 31 pack of Conair Self-Grip Rollers. The set comes with a variety of sizes all tucked into a zippered storage bag that's convenient for travel and storage.

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