5 Wedge Pillows That'll Support Your Neck & Back When You Sleep


If you're someone who struggles with back pain, sore muscles, or acid reflux, getting solid sleep can seem impossible. The good news? The best wedge pillows relieve tension, increase circulation, and help you finally get the rest you deserve.

Before you buy, you'll want to consider the incline of each pillow. For example, low-incline wedge pillows are great for alleviating snoring or acid reflux, but if you're dealing with chronic neck or back pain, you'll need something steeper. Wedge pillows with a steep incline tend to have a thicker foam base, allowing you to sink in deeply and relieve muscle tension. And if you struggle with restless legs or sore calf muscles, a flat-top wedge pillow that you can rest your leg on can offer major relief.

Another thing to consider is your bed situation. Memory-foam wedge pillows tend to be wider and heavier than standard pillows so they stay put while you sleep. It's important to look at the measurements of each pillow and consider how much space it'll take up in your bed — especially if you share it! Bonus points if it comes with a removable, washable cover that makes laundry day super simple.

Luckily, there are tons of different height and width options out there when it comes to finding the best wedge pillow. Here's a round-up of some of the best choices so you can dream easy tonight.


An Affordable, Low-Incline Option

Height: 7.5 inches

Width: 24 inches

What's great about it: Not only is this low-incline wedge pillow perfect for alleviating snoring and acid reflux, it won't break the bank either. It features 1.5 inches of memory foam on top, and a thicker foam base on bottom to support your weight. It also comes with a super soft cover to keep it clean and protected.

What fans say: "I stubbornly put off ... getting this for a year, and it was a mistake. After just a few days, I feel so much better. I thought that I did not want this big thing on the bed, but it is not that big and hides nicely under the bottom sheet."


A High-Rise Pillow That Relieves Neck & Back Pain

Height: 12 inches

Width: 25 inches

What's great about it: This orthopedic wedge pillow is thick enough to relieve neck and back pain without making you feel like you're sitting up in bed. The tallest side is 12 inches, and then gently slopes to cradle your head, neck, and back. It features both a memory foam layer and a sturdy foam base to keep it from shifting, and it comes with a removable, washable cover.

What fans say: "I needed a pillow that would allow me to sleep on my back, not my favorite position. This is a big wedge with slant that enables one to rest very comfortably. I placed it against my headboard and layered a very soft small pillow on the wide end. Had best sleep ever post surgery. Just ordered another one for my husband. If you have sleep apnea, need to elevate your head, this wedge will work."


A Breathable Option With A Hypoallergenic Cover

Height: 7.5 inches

Width: 25 inches

What's great about it: This bamboo-covered wedge pillow will keep you cool and pain-free all night long. Like other options, it features a flexible memory foam top layer and thick foam base layer, which is great for comfort, but can sometimes trap heat. The removable bamboo cover helps to disperse heat to keep you cool, and is completely hypoallergenic.

What fans say: "This is the fifth reflux pillow I've tried (and about $50 less than my last purchase), and I have to say, it's by far the most comfortable wedge to sleep on. Many of the other pillows were either too firm or they hurt/compressed my back. Really happy with the price and value."


An Adjustable Wedge Pillow System Perfect For Relaxing In Bed

Height: 12 inches

Width: 22 inches

What's great about it: If you plan to use your pillow for more than just sleeping, this versatile wedge pillow system does the trick. Like most wedges, it's constructed of memory foam, but this system includes a small, foldable triangle wedge that you can move to create different positions. You can use this system for sleeping, to elevate your legs, or to create a comfortable position for watching TV or typing on your computer. It also comes with a super soft neutral cover you can throw in the wash.

What fans say: "I absolutely love it. It is a breeze to switch out [the] inclines just by flipping the little attached triangle piece. I still use this in bed when I'm on my laptop or reading. A bonus is the washable cover, which helps keep the pillow nice and clean."


A Flat-Top Option That Elevates Your Legs

Height: 7 inches

Width: 17 inches

What's great about it: If you need to elevate your legs to get comfortable while you sleep, this flat-top wedge pillow hits all the right marks. It's constructed of dense memory foam that won't flatten over with the weight of your legs. It also features a gentle slope to keep your legs comfortably positioned throughout the night, and a plush microfiber cover that's easy to wash.

What fans say: "It completely relieves my back pain. The elevated legs continue the realignment, increasing the pressure relief. This pillow keeps me from waking up at night (which I used to do at least 6 - 8 times every.single.night.). Moreover, I've experienced not only continuous but DEEP sleep using this pillow, which, coupled with every other pro listed here, is priceless!"

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