These 5 Wet To Dry Hair Straighteners Make Styling A Breeze

I remember my first flat iron. I bought it in CVS in sixth grade, and my hair would snag and fry on the metal plates. Still, it gave me pin straight Baby Spice hair, so I thought it was worth it. Now, I don't agree. Thankfully, the best wet to dry straighteners have come a long way since those days, and are now designed to minimize damage and over-drying. That way, all the modern-day kids never have to look back on their lives and say, "Damn; I wish I didn't fry my hair back when I had no idea what I was doing."

Straightening wet hair used to mean endless split ends and tons of frizz, but no longer. Innovative advancements like far infrared light, ceramic tourmaline, negative ions, and steam vents now mean that you can dry and style your hair simultaneously, and with minimal damage. Best of all, your selection is way more extensive than your average drug store. These wet to dry straighteners come at all different price points, so buying one doesn't mean burning a whole straight through your wallet.

Whether you're short on time, not great with styling brushes, or have a lifelong vendetta against blow dryers, these flat irons that dry while they straighten are sure to save your precious time in the morning.


This Brilliant Rotating Wet Straightener That Gives You Volume And Effortless Style

InStyler Wet To Dry Rotating Iron, $100, Amazon

The InStyler Wet To Dry Rotating Iron has two distinctive parts -- the rolling barrel, which heats and dries, and the ionic bristles, which straighten and style. It's got innovative two-way rotation and four temperature settings that go up to 425, so you can customize your heat depending on your hair type. You can use it to create waves and curls, or straight volumized hair that flips out for a more natural look.


This Affordable Option With Ceramic Plates And Vent Holes

Spaire Hair Straightener, $21, Amazon

With floating ceramic plates and vent holes for steam, the Spaire Hair Straightener is the most affordable option to straighten wet hair. It's also got an inner negative ion generator that lock in negative ions for extra moisture and frizz-control, and it heats up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit quickly and easily.


This Innovative Dryer/Straightener Hybrid

Conair Wet Dry Hot Air Styler, $43, Amazon

The Conair Wet Dry Hot Air Styler is an innovative tool that's halfway between a straightener and a blow dryer. Bristles separate and brush through hair, styling it as it dries. It uses tourmaline ceramic technology and infrared light to lock in moisture, and it dries hair from the inside out, providing a faster and more gentle experience. "It is easy to use and I like how it is able to straighten my hair with one pass through," says one reviewer.


This Highly Rated Ceramic Wet To Dry Straightener With 25 Heat Settings

Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Wet/Dry Flat Iron; 1 ½, $23-$33, Amazon

This wet to dry straightener from Conair has 25 heat settings to work well with different hair textures. It's available in two sizes: 1 ½ inches and 2 inches. If you have longer, thicker hair the 2 inch iron will you help you straighten your hair faster. One satisfied reviewer says: "I have to say that this wet/dry straightener comes as close to perfect as it gets."


This Magic Straightening Wand Has Been "Gifted To Mere Mortals"

Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener, $16, Amazon

The Remington Wet 2 Straight Hair Straightener is super slim, lightweight, and heats up in just 30 seconds. It provides up to 420 degrees of professional grade heat, and has ceramic plates and distinctive steam vents that let you straighten your hair right out of the shower. That's why reviewers are calling it "truly a magic wand gifted to us mere mortals by the Gods."

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