The 5 Best Winter Boots For Wide Feet

When you have wide feet, shopping for boots is especially tough — while they technically can range in width from extra-narrow to six-extra-wide, most brands usually only carry standard sizes. Fortunately, I've scoured Amazon for you to come up with the best winter boots for wide feet. All of the boots on this list offer an extra 3/8 inch in width or more. After you measure your feet and figure out your shoe size, you'll want to keep several other factors in mind.

First, look at the exterior of the boot to make sure it's waterproof. Typically, your best bet will be full-grain leather or some sort of synthetic material with a waterproof coating.

Next, look at the interior. Does it have insulation? What is the lining made of? Faux fur, fleece, microfiber, and similar fabrics will be the softest and most comfortable.

Finally, look at the bottom of the shoe. The sole should be made with tough rubber or a similarly sturdy material. Inside, the footbed should have some sort of soft cushioning, like EVA or memory foam, to offer shock absorption and ankle support.

With those features in mind, take a look at this list of the best winter boots for wide feet. Also, remember that shoes that come in a wide size (sometimes denoted with a "W") typically offer an extra 3/8 inch, while shoes that are extra-wide (sometimes denoted with an "XW") offer around 3/4 inch more.