The 5 Best Women's Padded Socks


Whether you're about to go for a run or slip on your booties, a solid pair of socks can save you a lot of pain and blisters. Luckily, the best women's padded socks are made with foot comfort in mind so you can wear your favorite shoes, stress-free.

When choosing padded socks, it's important to consider where you tend to put pressure on your feet. If you tend to put weight in your heel, like a lot of runners and hikers do, look for designs with reinforced or double-stitched heels. But if you carry your weight in the balls of your feet or are prone to blisters and hotspots, a pair of socks with padding near the toes might be better for you. Or, if you're anything like me, you'll go for an all-around cushioned sock to keep your feet snug and warm.

You'll also need to consider what type of shoes you're going for, and what the weather will be like. For example, tall thermal socks are great with boots, or during the cold weather, but they might not work with your flats, and could cause your feet to overheat during a hot summer.

Choosing the right socks can make or break an outfit and your day. Here's a list of the best women's padded socks on the market to keep your feet pain-free all day long.

1. The Best Everyday Basic

These low-cut socks are threaded with Merino wool fibers that are treated to be moisture-wicking and keep your feet dry. They also feature ankle and arch padding to support your feet at multiple angles while you walk or jog, and the extra cushioning at the toes helps keep the fabric from wearing out. One reviewer swears that these socks have saved her from foot pain. She writes, "These socks are the most comfortable low cut socks I own. They're cushioned in all the right places, and the ribbing around my instep makes sure these stay in place (and massage my feet whether I'm wearing shoes or not)."

2. An Award-Winning Pair Of Socks That Are A Bit Pricer

A Runner's World Gear award winner, these sweat-wicking socks are made with a polyester-spandex blend that fit to your foot while still keeping your feet dry through the longest runs or busiest days. They also feature super soft padding beneath the ball and heel, but are built with a durable, mesh material to allow for maximum ventilation. One reviewer won't exercise without them, writing, "Wonderful cushioning, but so light and airy on top! The ankle band fits great - no bunching or sliding down. They are perfect!"

3. An Antibacterial Pick That's Perfect For Hikers

These mid-weight, hiking socks feature extra padding in the ball and heel to keep you pain-free. The unique Y-Heel tab keeps them firmly in place while you're on the trail, and compression technology puts just the right amount of pressure around the calf to keep these socks up. They've even been clinically proven to reduce pain and swelling. Reviewers wholeheartedly agree these socks are great, with one raving, "These socks are the best socks I've ever owned. I love the fit, they don't get crumpled up in my shoe, I have worn them hiking, barn chores, riding (horses), all day in the city, to the gym...I am on my feet all day and they keep my feet comfortable and dry!"

4. A No-Show Sock With An Anti-Slip Sole

The entire sole of these no-show socks is cushioned with textured, moisture-wicking fabric for extra comfort in just about any shoe. They're also invisible in most sneakers and even some flats so no one will know you're wearing them. Best of all, these socks have a silicone heel grip and won't slide down into your shoes even if you wear them all day. Reviewers loved them for sneakers and booties in particular. One review writes, "I have been looking for socks like these forever! They are thicker than the usual thin no show socks. Not quite as thick as an athletic sock, but gives great comfort and protection to my feet."

5. A Thicker Sock That's The Best For Cold Weather

These thermal socks feature soles double-padded with terry lining for extra comfort, and moisture-wicking properties. The rest of the sock is woven with thick thermal yarn, which is seven times warmer than regular cotton. One review insists they're the best winter socks, writing, "Cozy Comforting, warm, fairly thick but can still wear booties with them." One downside is that some reviewers don't like how these socks are looser around the ankle and tend to roll down a bit, but others still insist they're some of the best socks they own.

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