The 5 Best Women's Workout Tanks


You’ve got your sports bra, leggings, and the perfect pair of tennies — you’re ready to crush your workout. All you need now is a sports top that fits right and feels amazing when you put it on. After all, the best women's workout tanks on the market can take your workout to the next level and inspire you to push yourself to meet your most ambitious exercise goal.

But what should you look for in a workout tank? That can depend on how you like to work out. If you plan to really work up a sweat, for instance, you’ll want workout clothes designed to absorb sweat, lift moisture from your skin and keep you dry for the duration of your workout. If you prefer to exercise outside year-round, you may need workout clothes with fabric designed to protect from the elements. When evaluating options you'll also need to consider the fabric or material of the tank, so you can choose a tank that you love and that moves with you as you work out.

And, as anyone who has ever shopped around knows, the workout clothing options available today are endless. To help you make your choice a little easier, here are some of the best women’s workout tanks for every style, activity, and budget.