The 5 Best Yoga Blocks

I can name a thousand and one things that I love about yoga, but my absolute favorite? It's okay to be imperfect. It's also okay to rely on props to enhance and deepen your practice when you could use some help. A good instructor will teach you to accept where your body is on any given day and work with what feels best — which, to me, is much more preferable than trying to force a pose that isn't sitting well. This is where investing in a pair of the best yoga blocks comes in; these useful props will meet you halfway so you can get the most out of the pose without pushing yourself too far. They're great for adding a little extra support during balancing poses, raising the floor up to you when you can't quite reach, and creating structures that you can relax into during restorative poses.

That being said, not all brands are created equal. The best yoga blocks for your practice have to be the right material, consistency, and size. It's also important to find a set that's non-toxic and non-slip so you can keep yourself safe. These six options, below, are some of the most highly reviewed because they check all of the aforementioned boxes and more. Take a look and find one that best fits your practice, because no matter how advanced, everyone could use a little extra support from time to time.

1. High-Density Yoga Blocks To Better Help You Balance

Unlike other EVA foam blocks that claim to be "high density," these ones from Clever Yoga do "not give when squeezed," according to reviewers. That's a huge benefit when you're finding your balance in a pose and your block is the only thing holding you up. This set of two is made with a closed-cell construction that wipes clean and won't soak up moisture or bacteria. Reviewers also love the bi-color design, which is a feature that few other brands offer, and say that the slightly-wider shape "makes it easier for [them] to hold a pose with [their] palm flat." Last but definitely not least, these blocks even come with a free strap to help you deepen poses and increase flexibility.

2. A More Affordable Set Of Yoga Blocks That Are Lightweight

If you're looking for an affordable, no-frills set of yoga blocks, this option from REEHUT is a solid choice. They're made from non-toxic EVA foam, which has a bit of give to cushion your joints without absorbing sweat or bacteria. They're also surprisingly durable and have beveled edges for a soft, comfortable grip. Because they're so light, they're great for "traveling to and from yoga classes or just around the house," according to reviewers. Plus, since they come in two sizes and six color options (black, blue, gray, pink, purple, and turquoise), you can choose a set that fits your practice and matches your gear. You can even get one single block for $7.

3. Non-Slip Blocks That Are Best For Bikram And Hot Yoga

This block from Yoga Design Lab is revolutionary for two reasons: It's created with a luxurious textured imprint on every side, and it's made from a non-slip recyclable foam. As a result, it's the best option for hot yoga, Bikram, pilates, or any other practice that involves sweat because it's especially grippy and resistant to moisture. This one is available in pink, blue, and black, and $1 of every purchase goes to support yoga youth programs in need. If you're interested in what reviewers have to say, most of them are thrilled: "I decided to purchase this block after using bamboo blocks provided at my yoga studio that caused slipping and were uncomfortable for practicing crow pose. This block worked great for hot yoga and was comfortable on my arms and head, plus easy to clean."

Of course, the only downside with this option is that it doesn't come in a pair like the others on this list. If you buy two, however, you're entitled to 10 percent off your order, so it won't wind up costing you that much more.

4. Non-Slip Blocks Made Specifically For Inverted Poses

When you're practicing inverted poses like handstand, downward dog, and crow, proper wrist and finger placement is extremely important. YOGABODY handstand blocks are made from solid bamboo and have non-slip rubber bottoms that help train your hands, shoulders, and forearms to dynamically lift and balance your body in inversions. They also strengthen your muscles to prevent wrist pain and provide a height boost to help you hop up into the pose more easily. "They're beautifully crafted of natural bamboo and are somehow the perfect size for my hands," one reviewer writes. "And because I love them so much, I find myself using them almost every day!"

5. Stylish Cork Yoga Blocks For The Aesthetically-Inclined

If you're looking to make a stylish statement, look no further than the Peace Yoga cork wood blocks. In addition to their slip-resistant and high-density cork construction, they add a distinct flair to your practice with their intricately etched designs. Patterns like Elephant, Geometry, Lotus, Tree, and Sea Turtle ensure that you'll have the most unique blocks in the class — but that's not all they're good for. Reviewers love them because they're well-made, non-slip on every surface, have rounded corners that don't uncomfortably dig in, and they're "much more sturdy than foam blocks."

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