These Are The Best, Biggest Butt Plugs You Can Buy On Amazon

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For those more experienced with anal penetration, an average-sized butt plug may not seem like enough. While it's recommended that beginners start small — with a finger or a plug the size of one — more advanced users may be ready for something a bit larger. Ahead, a guide to the best, biggest butt plugs you can buy — all of which are available on Amazon.

But before you scroll on to the shopping portion of this post, it's important to remember that these toys are 100% not suitable for beginners (less-experienced users should check out this list of the best butt plugs for beginners). The anus and the vagina act extremely differently, in that the anus doesn't lubricate itself, and the anal tissue is much more sensitive (making it more prone to injuries, infections, or tears). With a vagina, all you need is some good lube, and it can accommodate most-sized toys and penis — to a point, that is. The anus needs a little more practice, which is where anal training, or anal stretching, comes in. If you try to force something in too large before it's been properly stretched, you can cause serious damage, including tears that can lead to infection.

If you're an experienced butt plug player, though, then you already know the rules — go slow and use a lot of lube. And with that in mind, scroll on for the biggest butt plugs I could find.


Best Basic Oversized Butt Plug

While there are plenty of butt plugs that come with a lot of bells and whistles (think: intricate shapes, added decorations, and vibrating technologies) this oversized butt plug is a great, classic choice that's basic in the best way. It has a simple, tapered design and it's made of body-safe non-phthalate rubber, but its size is where it really stands out. With an insertable length of 5 inches, this is a perfect toy for someone who's looking for a plug that's big, but not scary huge (if you're after something even larger, scroll on). Just make sure to use plenty of lube with this toy, and to keep applying it as you play.


Best Oversized Rippled Butt Plug

Getting a bit larger, the Doc Johnson Titanmen Butt Plug has an insertable length of 5.8 inches and a girth of 8.16 inches at its widest. Its rounded, rippled design allows it to ease its way in before going in all the way. Made of latex-free PVC (so you can use it with any type of lube), it has a firm outer shell and a soft inner core, so it's flexible, though it won't lose its shape. Sex toy experts, Doc Johnson, actually make a handful of the best, biggest butt plugs on the market, leading us to the next choice...


Best Oversized Vibrating Butt Plug

Not only is this butt plug even bigger than the first two options on this list — it has an insertable length of 6.5 inches — but it vibrates, too. Made of phthalate-free, hypoallergenic silicone, it has a whisper-quiet motor and even comes with a remote control, which is great for hands-free play or allowing a partner to control the vibrations. It even has 10 different vibrating functions, and it's sold in both red and black. For those experienced with anal, this is a great investment to make.


Best Glass Butt Plug

Some people prefer to use glass sex toys: they're a great way to experiment with temperature play, they're easy to clean, and they can be used with any type of lube. If you're one of those people, say hello to the Eastern Delights Rock The Hell glass butt plug. It has an overall length of 5.5 inches, so it's not as big as some of the other options on this list, but it's still a large, heavy-duty toy that can also be used for anal training. Run it under cold or warm water to play around with temperature, which will amp up the sensations even further.


Best Graduated Anal Stretcher

With an insertable length of 10.1 inches, the Doc Johnson Rockeye is the biggest butt plug on this list. But, thanks to its graduated design that starts out small and gets bigger, it can also be used for anal training if you're not quite ready for its full size just yet. Designed with a tapered tip for easy insertion and a ribbed texture that feels extra-sensational, it's made of phthalate-free PVC and is compatible with Vac-U-Lock and O-ring harnesses.

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