The 5 Cat Personalities That Every Cat Lover Will Meet In Her Lifetime

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Cat owners will agree: Each kitty you cross paths with in your lifetime is delightfully unique, from their coloring to their preferences to the pitch of their meows. Whether you're a lifelong cat parent or an aspiring owner, you can't deny that there's a certain je ne sais quoi about the species that keeps us humans guessing, vying for their affection, and wrapped around their little paws.

And let's be honest: We wouldn't have it any other way. True cat aficionados want nothing more than to spend hours diving deep into the complexities of their furry friends, analyzing their psyches and hypothesizing why they do the things that they do.

To celebrate felinology (the study of cats — is it too late to change our college major?) in all its forms, we partnered with cats' and humans' favorite brand Fresh Step®, whose low-tracking, must-have litter is now available in Unscented. Together, we attempted to illustrate (literally) the 5 most recognizable — and fabulous — cat personalities that you're bound to come across in your lifetime.

1. The Pampered Princess

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You know her, you love her, and you're probably a little bit jealous of her because she has better hair than you do. The pampered princess gets what she wants, when she wants — no exceptions. She gets first dibs on prime couch AND bed real estate, and she refuses to use any products but the absolute best ('Fresh Step® Clean Paws® litter or bust' is her motto).

She has high standards and you'll be damned if you don't spend your life trying (and failing) to live up to them.

2. The Cuddly Kitty

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This cat has nothing but love, and he makes that known. Like, really known. He's been called "aggressively snuggly," but he considers that a compliment, and when he burrows his face into your shoulder or kneads your leg like he's a baker in a Parisian pâtisserie, you've gotta admit that you wouldn't have it any other way.

When he's not physically touching his beloved owner in some way, he ain't happy, and he'll be sure to meow until you remedy the situation.

3. The Ice Queen

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As beautiful in looks as she is chilly in personality, she tends to sit back, usually on a (literal) pedestal of some sort, and wait for us lowly humans to approach, only to rebuff our pats and scratches with a swat of her perfectly manicured paw.

She's a softie on the inside (we think...?), but that doesn't change the fact that if she were a human she probably would have bullied you in high school.

4. The ImPURRsonator

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This kitty is in the midst of an identity crisis — except that it's less a crisis, and more a superiority complex. When he looks in the mirror he sees not a house cat, but a lion, a panther, a bobcat. He rules his domain with an iron paw, stopping potential visitors in their tracks, roaring and leaping from surface to surface like the true king of the jungle.

God help any vases, electronics, or picture frames in his path.

5. The Round Gourmand

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This guy cares about three things and three things only: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the slightest sound of the snack drawer opening, or the crinkle of his food bag, this big-boned beauty books it to your side (who knew something that size could move so fast?).

When it comes to his sustenance, he doesn't discriminate. Dry food, wet food, human food, even dog food — his palette is all-encompassing and his tastebuds know no limits.

This post is sponsored by Fresh Step®.