These Are The Most Popular Dildos On The Market — & You Can Get Then All On Amazon

As far as sex toys go, vibrators tend to be the star for vaginal masturbation. Since many people can't orgasm from penetrative sex alone, when they're looking for a sex toy, they tend to go for the buzzing variety. Dildos, on the other hand, can seem a little unnecessary, since the majority of them don't buzz and don't hit your clit. But if you know how to use them the right way, dildos can be an amazing addition to your self-love routine. And shopping for one is easy — just look to the most popular dildos on Amazon.

Since everyone is going to have slightly different preference when it comes to dildo-play, you'll eventually figure out your own way to use your dildo, but there are a few tricks to have up your sleeve. First, you'll want to use a lot of lube — just make sure the formula is compatible with the material your dildo is made from. (Water-based lubricants work for most materials, FYI.) Your dildo doesn't have to be the only toy you use, either. While vibrators hit your clit, dildos can hit your G-spot. And when you combine the two, you can experience what is called a blended orgasm — one that involves both G-spot and clitoral orgasm.

So if you don't already have a dildo in your collection, don't discount them just yet! Ahead, find the most popular dildos you can buy on Amazon.


The Most Popular, Realistic-Looking Dildo

Not all dildos look like penises, but the Beauty Molly suction cup dildo absolutely does. This lifelike dildo is actually molded from a real penis, so it has all of the characteristics of one. The tip is flared, the testicles are firm, and the blood vessels are painted to look realistic. And the shaft is completely lifelike, thanks to the flexible elastic it's made of. This toy has 218 reviews, with an average review of 4.1 stars, with reviewers claiming that it feels incredibly realistic.


The Most Popular Dildo For Beginners

If you're new to the dildo game, this 7-inch dildo is a great place to start. Not only does it feel incredibly realistic, but it also comes with a little bottle of lube, which you'll definitely need as a first-timer. It has a strong suction cup that affixes pretty much everywhere, so you can stick it on your headboard or your shower wall. Unlike some of the other dildos on this list, this one doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles. But it's a perfect, medical-grade toy for beginners.


The Most Popular Vibrating Dildo

Not willing to give up the vibrations? Then the Treediride Realistic Dildo Automatic G-Spot Vibrator is for you. It has seven vibration modes, which help to stimulate your G-spot from the inside. Instead of just the tip vibrating, the entire shaft does, allowing for sensations to be felt though your entire vagina. The shaft is silicone, which means you should steer clear of a silicone lube, but it does mean it's incredibly easy to clean. And since there's a firm suction cup at the base of the shaft, it can be used pretty much everywhere.

With 147 reviews and an average rating of 4.3, you can tell that reviewers are impressed. "Me and my boyfriend use it quite often. The different vibration modes really create a leg shaking, body quaking experience and it’s sure to start the juices flowing. The heat feature is quite nice as well especially on cold nights," writes one recent reviewer. This product is hot — in more ways than one.


The Most Popular Rotating Dildo (That Comes With A Remote Control)

The great thing about the Tracy's Dog Realistic Dildo With Remote is that it doesn't vibrate — it rotates. That means that, unlike the vibrating version, it mimics the movement of a real penis. It also comes with a remote control, so you can use it hands-free or give it to your partner to add a sexy layer to your foreplay. It has eight different rotation modes, and is made of durable silicone — so keep silicone-based lubes away from this toy. And since it's got a powerful suction cup at the base, you can place this toy anywhere.

This one has a near-perfect, 4.6-star rating. One happy customer writes, "I'm giving this product 5 Stars because it is the most life-like vibrator (mainly due to the material) I've ever seen or felt. It feels almost exactly like the real thing — firm, It's a well thought out toy, I enjoyed the various settings."


The Most Popular Oversized Dildo

Size queens of the world, the LLnabni XXL dildo is for you and all of your bedroom activities. The main draw of this dildo is, obviously, its size. It's 10 inches long and 3 inches thick, making it the perfect toy for those hoping to experiment with sizes not typically seen in real life. It's made of silicone, so it's hypoallergenic and easy to clean, and comes with a bottle of water-based lubricant that you can use. (You'll need to use extra lube with a dildo of this size, by the way.) Like the other dildos on this list, this version comes with a suction cup to suit a variety of positions.

Nearly 88 percent of reviewers gave this toy a five-star rating, saying things like, "Felt sooooo good to be filled out like that. The head pops as it thrusts deep and it rubs in all the right places. Didn’t even know I could climax like that with something that doesn’t vibrate ... The size is no joke but my other toys (while a decent size) weren’t filling me the way this one did."


The Most Popular Squirting Dildo

For the fetishists out there, the Lovetoy 9-inch squirting dildo will be the perfect addition to your sex toy collection. You can fill it with liquid and have it squirt, thanks to the inclusion of a little handheld pump. Just be smart about the liquid you put into the squirter — especially if you're going to have the dildo "ejaculate" inside of you. (Warm water or diluted lubricant is the safest choice.) Speaking of water, you're going to want to reach for a water-based lubricant to use with this one, since the shaft is made of silicone. And since this dildo feels extra realistic, thanks to its soft outer skin and hard interior, it's a toy that you won't be able to get enough of.


The Most Popular Dildo To Give As A Bachelorette Gift

Looking for a fun gift for a bachelorette party? This dildo from Louviva is a great option — mostly because of the color. It's clear and speckled with confetti, giving it a playful, party-perfect vibe. But the dildo itself is also amazing, thanks to its flexible shaft and material that's easy to clean. "It's got a very nice texture, soft but firm, and it's undeniably cute, which was a huge plus for me," writes one reviewer. Whether you gift this dildo to yourself or to a friend, it will bring plenty of joy for days.

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