The 5 Strongest Vibrators

There are some folks who appreciate a vibrator that gently rocks them to orgasm with light buzzing and massaging. Then, there are some who want their vibrator to be so intense that it completely rocks their world. These people need one of the strongest vibrators on the market — not one that's on the gentler side. So what makes one vibrator stronger than another? Well, there are a few things that make a strong vibrator get its major buzz on.

While a lot of folks will claim that plug-in vibrators are and will always be the strongest vibes on the planet, it's not always true. (And not everyone wants to be tethered to a wall every time they masturbate.) One thing that is true, though, is that powerful vibrators will always be on the bulkier side. And while the strongest vibrators don't always need to be plugged in to work, strong vibrators are rarely battery-operated. The vibrators on this list are either rechargeable or require plugging-in.

Just one thing to remember, though — using a vibrator, especially one as strong as these, over and over on your clitoris can lead to over sensitivity and pain — so make sure you're using plenty of lube and taking regular breaks.

Ahead, find the five of the most powerful vibrators for all of your self-pleasure needs.