The 5 Strongest Vibrators

There are some folks who appreciate a vibrator that gently rocks them to orgasm with light buzzing and massaging. Then, there are some who want their vibrator to be so intense that it completely rocks their world. These people need one of the strongest vibrators on the market — not one that's on the gentler side. So what makes one vibrator stronger than another? Well, there are a few things that make a strong vibrator get its major buzz on.

While a lot of folks will claim that plug-in vibrators are and will always be the strongest vibes on the planet, it's not always true. (And not everyone wants to be tethered to a wall every time they masturbate.) One thing that is true, though, is that powerful vibrators will always be on the bulkier side. And while the strongest vibrators don't always need to be plugged in to work, strong vibrators are rarely battery-operated. The vibrators on this list are either rechargeable or require plugging-in.

Just one thing to remember, though — using a vibrator, especially one as strong as these, over and over on your clitoris can lead to over sensitivity and pain — so make sure you're using plenty of lube and taking regular breaks.

Ahead, find the five of the most powerful vibrators for all of your self-pleasure needs.


The Strongest Wand Vibrator

Wand vibrators are notorious for being some of the most powerful toys of the bunch, and the Lulu 7+ personal wand massager has a reputation for being the strongest in their category. It boasts a 1500 mAh battery, which will cause your toes to curl as soon as you turn it on. The vibe has five speeds, 20 vibration modes, and two hours of usage on a full charge. It also has another unique feature — it remembers the last setting you used, so you don't have to flip through all of the speeds and vibration setting every time you turn it on. Just remember: This toy is made of silicone, which means you should use a non-silicone lube with it.


The Strongest Mini Vibrator

Don't let the size of Slepwel's electric wand massager fool you. This small but mighty toy provides an hour of vibrations on just one charge — and according to the reviews, those vibrations are seriously powerful. It has 10 vibration modes and is completely waterproof, so you can bring this into the tub for some wet and wild play. And unlike some of the other vibes on this list, this one is incredibly quiet, so you won't wake your roommates. This vibe is also made of silicone, so make sure you're using the right kind of lube. Turns out the best things do come in small packages.


The Strongest Rabbit Vibrator

Not all rabbit vibrators have a tiny little rabbit tickling your clit. Instead, the Treedieride Wearable Vibrator has dozens of silicone nubs to provide seriously powerful stimulation. It massages both your clit and your G-spot, thanks to the vibrating shaft, giving you the opportunity for a great blended orgasm. It's also remote control-operated, so your partner can get involved, and it's also whisper-quiet and lasts for hours, thanks to a great USB charge. Just keep in mind that this one is made of silicone when shopping for lube. If you can handle the powerful vibrations on both your clit and your G-spot, then this is the vibe for you.


The Strongest Plug-In Vibrator

A plug-in vibrator, like the SexShare Wired Handheld Vibrator, is always going to be powerful because it's pulling energy directly from the wall socket. This one delivers 10 speeds of vibrations for a seriously intense experience. If you're worried about being tethered to the wall, don't be. The cord extends to 75 inches, so you'll have plenty of room to play around. It's also one of the quieter options, and its soft silicone head is easily removable, so you can clean it without getting the cord wet. For a seriously powerful vibrator, this plug-in option is one to get your hands on.


The Strongest Wearable Vibrator

If you want a powerful, wearable vibrator that exclusively tickles your clit, then the Adorime Wearable Vibrator is the one that you want. This remote controlled vibe nestles right against your mons and your clit, delivering seriously powerful vibrations that will make your eyes roll back in your head. It's got 10 vibration speeds and is seriously quiet, so you can slip this bad boy into your panties and wear it out of the house. It's silicone, so make sure to pick an oil- or water-based lube, and is completely waterproof. However you choose to use this vibe, you're in for a seriously powerful thrill.

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