The 6 Best Airplane Pillows

Finding a sense of comfort — both physical and mental — can be a serious challenge when traveling on a plane. Luckily, the best airplane pillows do exist, and making sure that you have one of the most innovative, high-quality models can really make or break your in-flight experience. Just imagine how a deep, restful sleep could benefit your upcoming trip!

If you know you're hopping on a cross-country red-eye, heading across the pond, or just fancy a nap on a quick coastal flight, we suggest taking some time to find the best travel pillow to meet your needs. There are a few things to look out for when you're choosing the pillow thats best for you: consider material (you want something that's washable, soft, and maybe even hypoallergenic if you've got sensitive skin); shape (think about the area that you feel needs the most support — that might be everywhere, and there's a pillow for that, too!); extra bits and pieces (drawstring adjustments, inflatable capabilities, clips for attaching to backpacks). It may not seem like a purchase that requires much thought, but since you're likely looking for a highly-rated travel pillow that'll last you a while, it's worth doing the research.

There's pretty much a travel pillow out there for every need and concern, so have a scroll through our top picks below and wave goodbye to the post-flight dread that comes with stiff and sore necks.