6 Innovative Airplane Pillows For Every Type Of Traveler

Finding a sense of comfort — both physical and mental — can be a serious challenge when traveling on a plane. Luckily, the best airplane pillows do exist, and making sure that you have one of the most innovative, high-quality models can really make or break your in-flight experience. Just imagine how a deep, restful sleep could benefit your upcoming trip!

If you know you're hopping on a cross-country red-eye, heading across the pond, or just fancy a nap on a quick coastal flight, we suggest taking some time to find the best travel pillow to meet your needs. There are a few things to look out for when you're choosing the pillow thats best for you: consider material (you want something that's washable, soft, and maybe even hypoallergenic if you've got sensitive skin); shape (think about the area that you feel needs the most support — that might be everywhere, and there's a pillow for that, too!); extra bits and pieces (drawstring adjustments, inflatable capabilities, clips for attaching to backpacks). It may not seem like a purchase that requires much thought, but since you're likely looking for a highly-rated travel pillow that'll last you a while, it's worth doing the research.

There's pretty much a travel pillow out there for every need and concern, so have a scroll through our top picks below and wave goodbye to the post-flight dread that comes with stiff and sore necks.


An Airplane Pillow That You Can Stick Your Entire Head Into

Consider this the Cadillac of neck pillows. It has a cult-following amongst the travel gear community and comes in an array of styles and sizes. Handmade from plush viscose and filled with squishy micro-beads, this ergonomically-designed pillow slips over the head with an opening in the front for optimum mouth and nose breathing. Side openings at the top of the pillow allow for the option of resting your hands in the pillow, and it also helps block out the light. Ideal for anywhere, anytime naps, you can expect plenty of all-around cushioning and a very restful (and soft!) sleeping experience when using the Ostrich.


A Pillow That Supports Delicate And Sensitive Skin During Sleep

This silky-soft pillow is by far the best way to avoid unwanted marks and lines (otherwise known as pillowface) that often result from sleep. Made from smooth satin, the U-shaped design of this pillow provides the neck and head with state-of-the-art support that ensures comfort and ease. Back, side, and stomach sleepers alike will all enjoy a comfortable in-flight snooze with this pillow, and it's especially ideal for people with delicate skin.


A Supportive Infinity Neck Wrap Pillow That Can Be Worn All Sorts of Ways

Made from soft bamboo-based fabric that's breathable, machine-washable, and hypoallergenic, this uniquely-designed pillow, an Amazon's Choice product, has a near-perfect rating from happy customers. With a supportive core of cushiony microfibers, this pillow can wrap around the head and neck like an infinity scarf (but way cozier), allowing the user to rest their hands in the sling of the pillow while it supports the head and neck. It'll also help keep chilly fliers warm, as a bonus, and can be worn in a variety of creative ways.


An Inflatable Travel Pillow That Provides Full Upper Body Support And Folds Up Super Small

This travel pillow is just as easy to store as it is to inflate (just three to four puffs) and fall asleep on. What makes it special is the fact that users can basically fully lean on it: it provides a head rest that extends down across the body or along the torso for full neck-and-upper-body support and comfort. The outside material is soft and velvety and can be removed to machine wash after each use. With a simple tap, the pillow deflates and folds up into a portable square that can slip into a carry-on or snap onto a backpack.


A Memory Foam Neck Pillow That Folds Into Its Own Pouch For Easy Storage

Made of a memory foam interior and hypoallergenic velour exterior, this luxurious neck pillow is one of the comfiest on the market. The ergonomic U-shape allows for optimum neck and head support — no need to worry about your chin rolling down to your chest during an in-flight nap. With an adjustable strap for personalized comfort and an attached, lightweight bag for easy storage, this is an ideal, easy-to-pack pillow that will provide total support and a cozy napping experience while on the road.


A Neck Pillow That Provides The Best Support For Chins Prone To Drooping During Sleep

This no-frills next pillow comes at a reasonable price and is a practical option for those who need to solve the problem of my-chin-droops-to-my-chest-when-I-sleep-on-planes (we feel you). It can be wrapped, twisted, and conformed to fit your neck, and it has a flat, head-supporting back, so you're entire upper body will be comfortable no matter where you are. Other features include a snap strap for attaching it to a backpack or carry-on and booster side cushions that keep your head stationary and supported while sleeping in transit.

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