6 Surprisingly Comfortable Backless Bras That Actually Stay In Place

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When you’ve got a dress or top that is open in the back and you don’t want to go totally sans bra, the best backless bras are the answer. They can provide you with coverage to help prevent any slippage and give your chest some support.

Most often, backless bras stay in place using adhesive that sticks to your skin. That said, these bras come in a variety of different styles. You might be partial to one style over another based on personal preference or how it works with the outfit that you’re wearing. For example, an adhesive nipple cover goes over your nipple (so that you can avoid a nip slip), but offers basically nothing in the way of support. On the other hand, adhesive bras (which come in cup sizes) usually offer more coverage and lift. They are often made of silicone and frequently have some type of closure in the front. If you're interested in wearing a more traditional-looking bra, there are backless ones that have adhesive tabs on the sides to keep them in place (and sometimes the bra itself is sticky, too). Some backless bras have a lace-up feature in the front (you know, the one you’ve seen all over social media) to give you some extra cleavage, if you’re into that.

Nipple covers often come in one size fits all (or basic small and large sizing), but other backless bras are usually designed for specific cup sizes, so pay close attention to the size charts to get an accurate fit. Also, can we take a moment to talk about the lack of larger cup sizes when it comes to backless bras on Amazon? While the backless bras on the site often go up to a size F, those with a larger bust could look to nipple covers or a clever kit (which I've included at the end of this list) that can turn any bra into a backless one.

That said, Amazon reviewers are obsessed with these six backless bra choices. Read on to find out why!


The Best Backless Bra For Cup Sizes A to F

When an Amazon reviewer wrote that a backless bra is “by far the most comfy form fitting ones I have ever used” you know that it's got to be the real deal. And that’s exactly what one reviewer had to say about this pick from Niidor. The reviewer even went on to add, “I feel like i am bra-less, it does not feel like anything is on at all. They Stick on so nicely they NEVER feel like they will fall off.” A backless bra that stays in place and is actually comfortable? It doesn't get any better than that.

Made with a silicone adhesive, this backless bra works for cup sizes A to F. The clip in the front gives you some cleavage, but nothing too dramatic. The bra is reusable and is actually really easy to clean: Wet the adhesive surface with warm water and mild detergent, and then air dry it. Choose from three neutral colors (creme, khaki, or coco).


A Backless Bra For Plunging Necklines

This backless bra from MITALOO features a deep-V plunge, making it the perfect pick to hide under low-cut tops. The bra itself is adhesive, but also has sticky side tabs to provide extra hold. And Amazon reviewers say this feature alone makes a big difference when it comes to support.

“My current bras just have the adhesive around the cup area. But this bra had adhesive wings which provide much needed hold. I never realized the difference they make but I feel much more supported. I even gave it a little hop and wiggle test and it didn't budge,” one reviewer wrote.

The bra is padded and when you order, make sure to pay close attention to the size chart (which claims that this bra will work up to a size 38D).


A Backless Bra In A Range of Colors

Most backless bras just come in standard flesh tones, but this pick from Nubra goes a step above with fun colors like red, blue, and even pink. The cups on this bra are basically the definition of comfort; they're unpadded and are made of a super lightweight fabric. Heck, you'll barely even notice that they are there.

Amazon reviewers say that this adhesive backless bra works, too. “It attaches easily, stays put, and pulls everything up and in. It almost defies gravity [...] you're gonna thank the bra gods for this thing,” one reviewer wrote. Choose from sizes A to DD/E.


A Budget Backless Bra With Adjustable Lift

At just $11 for a two-pack of backless bras, this pick from Aisprts is well worth a buy for that reason alone. But the good news is that these bras aren't just low cost, they are also really well-rated on Amazon, boasting a solid 4.2-star rating on the site. Reviewers love the drawstring lace-up closure in the front, which is designed to amp up the cleavage, and say that the bras are easy to wear overall.

“They kept me from bouncing around and they felt really comfortable. The sticky material is very strong and doesn’t pinch when you put it on. Easy to remove and painless if you needed to adjust,” one reviewer explained.

The two-pack includes a black and beige bra, and comes in cup sizes A to D.


The Best Set Of Nipple Covers

These adhesive nipple covers from Nippies are the ideal pick for when you need basic coverage in order to avoid a nip slip, but with no frills involved. Made of silicone, the ultra-thin edges essentially disappear underneath clothes, so you can wear them with any outfit. They’re totally reusable and come in small and large sizes. Choose from three different shades (creme, caramel, and coco) to best match your skin tone. Use the included travel case to take these nipple covers with you wherever you go.

Oh, and Amazon reviewers? Well they have plenty of good things to say about this pick. “This is probably one of the best purchases I've ever made on Amazon- and I purchase A LOT from here. I've used these for two years now- primarily in the summer with tank tops/backless dresses- and they are AMAZING!! [...] All in all, greatest purchase,” one reviewer wrote.

If adhesives bother your skin, this pick also comes in a non-adhesive version that can be tucked inside of tops, albeit a little less securely.


A Set of Nipple Covers That Provide Lift

If you’re looking for a bit more oompf, these nipple covers from MITALOO are your best bet; the covers feature adhesive tape at the top that you can use to get your ideal level of lift. The manufacturer claims the silicone material feels like skin, making it invisible underneath your clothes.

What's best is that Amazon reviewers say they notice a real difference when using this pick. “I’ve never been so excited about nipple covers. These things really work! I’m small chested and have never been able to wear certain clothing items without a bra showing (or a strapless bra that is way too tight and uncomfortable) - but now I can! Great coverage and lift. Would Definitely buy again,” one reviewer wrote.

This pick is designed for A to C cups and can be reused.


Also Great: A Converter To Turn Your Regular Bra Into A Low Back Bra

If you can’t find the right size backless bra (or if the silicone situation has you bothered), then these bra converters from Lady Up are calling your name — they can turn literally any back closure bra into a low-back one. And while the product may look a little complicated, it’s actually pretty simple: attach the converter to your current bra straps, criss-cross the straps, fasten them in front, and you are good to go.

While this pick may not work with every outfit (like if your top is extremely low in back), it will certainly be a helpful tool to have on hand. The material is a soft cotton blend, and each set comes with three converters (black, beige, and white).

Amazon reviewers say that they like the fact that they don’t have to buy a brand-new bra just to be able to wear a low-back look. “My daughter is getting married next month. I have a lovely gown but it has a "V" shaped back and the top of my back bra strap showed. I thought of pinning it but it bunches and could rip the fabric. My daughter said to have it altered but it will change the way my dress lays and that's why I bought the dress, because it fit well. This strap was PERFECT! I just tried on my dress and my bra fits well and no more back bra strap. I couldn't be happier,” one reviewer wrote.

The bra converters come in both plus and standard sizes.

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