6 Blenders On Amazon That Are Worth Every Penny

Whether you're on a budget or looking to splurge, it's possible to find a dependable blender that will get the job done. The best blenders for the money all share a few key qualities: sharp blades, durable materials, and a powerful motor. But all of those specifications can be hard to keep straight, which is why I did the research for you and put together a list of the top blenders on Amazon.

Generally, you'll want to find a blender that has enough capacity. If you're looking to make smoothies for yourself to take on-the-go, you'll want a single-serve blender that comes with a secure lid. If you are looking to prep items for the whole family or like to entertain, you'll want to find a blender with a larger jar. My picks below range in capacity from 1.75 cups to a whopping 8 cups.

As the price point gets higher, blenders will typically offer more power (measured in wattage), as well as more features, more speed levels, and tougher materials. Some of the cheaper options go as low as 175 watts, while the more high-end models can offer as much as 1,200 watts of power. The higher the power, the easier it will be to crush ice and frozen fruits. When it comes to settings, budget-friendly blenders will usually have just one or two speed levels, while more expensive options can have more than 10. One of my picks below can even make hot soups, dips, and ice cream.

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, read on for my list of the best blenders for the money.


The Best Blender Under $50

Capacity: 3 cups (or 24 ounces)

Power: 600 watts

What makes it great: This NutriBullet high-speed blender is a great option for one or two people. Although this blender is on the smaller side, it's equipped with a 600-watt motor and has enough strength to crush ice, frozen fruit, and other whole foods with ease. Its blades are stainless steel and designed to break down tough ingredients. However, it should be noted that are not multiple speed settings on this model.

Made out of BPA-free plastic, this blender comes with an extractor blade, a milling blade for herbs and spices, two different cup options, and two reusable lids. While its cups are dishwasher-safe, you'll need to rinse the blades with soap and water.

What fans say: "We love our NutriBullet!! We use it every morning to make green smoothies and protein shakes. Very strong for such a compact blender. We used to pull out our giant blendtec to make smoothies, but now we have our NutriBullet out on the counter and being used daily! Highly recommend if you want a quick and easy way to make a smoothie and increase your compliance to a healthy lifestyle!! Also...the cups with lids make it easy to transport yummy smoothies to work!!"


The Best Blender Under $20

Capacity: 1.75 cups (or 14 ounces)

Power: 175 watts

What makes it great: This affordable blender from Hamilton Beach is a great budget option for one person. Easy to use and configure, you only need to press one button to operate it. This compact blender is designed with stainless steel blades and BPA-free plastic. When you're done blending, you can easily detach the jar, add the secure lid, and take it on the go. While its lid and jar are dishwasher-safe, you'll need to rinse the blades with soap and water. It's a solid option for those on a budget, however, this blender doesn't have multiple speed levels. Also, with a 175-watt motor, it won't crush frozen fruits and ice as easily as the other picks on this list. But for the price, it's a reliable pick.

What fans say: "Great little blender. Mixes shakes and smoothies quickly. Doesn't do well with ice chunks but not a problem. Great price, highly recommended."


The Best Blender Under $30

Capacity: 5 cups (or 40 ounces)

Power: 700 watts

What makes it great: This Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher blender is a great deal both price-wise and in terms of efficiency. While it may be difficult to find an affordable option that has multiple speed settings and a powerful motor, this blender checks off all these boxes. With 14 ways to blend, this option can mix, puree, and even crush ice with ease. During testing, its motor has proven able to blend up to 8,000 drinks during its lifetime. Easy to clean, the blender's lid, jar, and blades are all dishwasher-safe. However, since the jar is made of glass, you'll want to handle it with extra care.

What fans say: "I make smoothies almost every day so wanted a blender that would do the job and last. I actually don't remember how long ago that I bought this but wanted consumers to know that its been great. You can pay all sorts of money for fancy blenders but this one has been the best for us. I particularly like that it does NOT have a spout. Those were always so hard to keep clean, take apart, put back together, etc. This one is simple, easy to clean, and has never struggled to blend anything that I have put in it!"


The Best Budget Blender & Food Processor In One

Capacity: 6 cups (or 48 ounces) for the blender; 2 cups (or 16 ounces) for the food processor

Power: 400 watts

What makes it great: Essentially two appliances in one, this Ninja blender and food processor is super versatile. Not only can it make juices and smoothies, but it's also great for chopping, dicing, and mincing. Although it only has 400 watts of power, reviewers say it still crushes frozen foods and ice with ease. It comes with a 6-cup blender jar and a 2-cup food processor jar, as well as secure lids and blade attachments. Made out of BPA-free plastic, this blender's removable parts are dishwasher-safe. The only downside is that this option does not have different speed levels.

What fans say: "I absolutely love this machine!! I am a vegan and make smoothies on a daily basis and nut butters on a weekly basis. This ninja does such a good job with the nut butters that I don't even have to soak the nuts first even though recipes say it's necessary to get smooth results. The Ninja gives me great results every time. I am perplexed by a few reviewers who have said it is not easy to clean - I find it to be exactly the opposite. One of the reasons I love this machine is that cleaning it is so quick and easy. I have owned it for 3 years and use it multiple times per day. I have never had a problem. I consider this one of the best tools in my kitchen and recommend it to everyone."


The Best Blender Under $100

Capacity: 8 cups (or 64 ounces)

Power: 1,000 watts

What makes it great: This Ninja professional blender is great for families and people who like to entertain a lot. Made of BPA-free plastic, this option has a stacked, six-blade assembly and can adjust to four different speed settings. With 1,000 watts of power, it can easily crush frozen fruits and ice, and it only takes a few seconds to blend fruits and vegetables. It can also puree ingredients to make dips and dressings. While this option does have some dishwasher-safe parts, you'll need to use a damp cloth to wipe down the motor base.

What fans say: "Went from an old blender to this and what an upgrade. Very pleased with this machine. I throw in my frozen fruit/veggies with some juice, press the button and walk away. After several minutes I have a delicious and smooth drink. The twist base it great and the release button for the lid release makes life easier. Everyone should have one."


The Best Investment

Capacity: 8 cups (or 64 ounces)

Power: 1,380 watts

What makes it great: For those looking to splurge, this Vitamix professional-grade blender is worth every penny. Made out of Tritan, a remarkably tough plastic that's BPA-free, this blender is incredibly durable and built to last. Also extremely versatile, it can make juices, smoothies, foods, dips, ice cream, and nut butters. It can even whip up hot soups in six minutes using the friction from its stainless steel blades. Another perk is that it has 10 speed settings to choose from. It can also clean itself in just 30 to 60 seconds — all you need to do is pour soap and warm water into the machine. Because of its high power, it can easily crush ice and whole foods, making it super convenient for any type of task.

What fans say: "I am OBSESSED with this blender. Tasks that used to stress my old blender's motor are nothing to this guy. Crushed ice? Done in seconds. Super thick smoothie? Use the tamper and it never stops moving. Use high power setting to break down lentils or chickpeas into flour. Comes with a little recipe book to show new and better ways to use your blender. Totally worth the price!!"

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