These Homey Cat Trees Are Perfect For Your BFF (Best Feline Friend)

by Shayna Murphy

As a devoted cat-mom, I'm always trying to track down new things to pamper my cat with so she'll love me. Shopping for the best cat trees so she'll stay entertained and stimulated has always been high on my to-do list. Unfortunately, picking the right tower or condo isn't as easy as it might seem.

Since cats are natural predators and oftentimes incredibly territorial, the benefits of having a cat tree are huge. They not only provide cats a place to perch and stretch out to soak up sunbeams — they also can provide indoor cats with a way to exercise daily, which becomes more important as cats age and become more susceptible to weight gain and potential health problems. With a tower or condo of their own, felines can roam, scratch, and hide at will, but most of all, they can tap into their native instincts, which can be good for your cat's overall emotional wellness, too.

The catch is, not all cat towers are created equal. With that in mind, I've rounded up six of the most popular cat trees available right now. No matter what your budget is or what space limitations you might have, there's a tree on this list to fit every kind of cat, so you can start pampering yours like they really deserve.


The Most Affordable Tree That Works As A Great Starter Option

If you're a first-time cat parent and you're shopping for a tree to keep your kitty curious and entertained all day, this basic option from Amazon is a great one to start out with. It comes with two levels and has a tiered effect, so your cat can jump from one platform to the next with ease. Made out of compressed wood with carpet layering and four scratching posts wrapped in jute rope, this tree can hold up to your cat's hardest scratching. It also has a square base and rounded top platform for extra perching. While this tree can work for homes with multiple cats, it's really ideal for single cat homes. Best of all, since it's cheap, if your cat turns out to not dig trees that much (it's a bummer, but it happens) you won't feel like you're out a ton of money, which can happen if you start out with a more expensive model.


The Most Popular Cat Tree That Has More Than 4,000 Rave Reviews On Amazon

There's a reason this four-tier cat tree is so well-reviewed on Amazon: it comes with multiple tiers, a basket, and plenty of perches for cats to nap or play from. The posts are covered by natural sisal rope that won't harm claws, while the tree itself is lined with fleece-like faux fur, so it'll stay soft and snuggly for cats during use. Available in multiple colors, it ships with everything you'll need to assemble this once you start to unpack it. This tree is also one of the most popular and highly sought-after picks on Amazon right now. More than 4,000 reviewers give this nearly five-star rated option tons of praise, with people saying it's easy to assemble, cats love all the range of things they do with it, and most importantly, it's built to last.


The Best Multiple-House Tower For More Than One Cat

If you have multiple cats, this sprawling cat tower is perfect. It offers the most places for them to perch and features two different-sized houses so that every kitten can find a home that fits them. At 73 inches in height, this is definitely the tallest tree on this roundup and can be a great fit in a mudroom or living room with ample space. This tower is made from pressed wood and fuzzy faux fleece, so your cats will be secure and comfortable every time they leap in. Since this tower has two sets of stairs, cats can have a great time climbing or jaunting up to each level. While this tower doesn't have as much scratching post space as other models, the material that cats can scratch is made from durable sisal rope, which is kind on cats' claws but can also prevent the tree from shaking, which is a concern with a tower this large.


The Best Space-Saving Cat Tree, If You're Home Is Tight On Room

Live in a cramped apartment or house and can't imagine ever having enough room for a cat tower? Don't worry, because this floor-to-ceiling tree is the solution you've been waiting for. You can give your pet a safe and fun place to play when you're not home without having to worry about where you'll store it, because this actually uses a spring system to suspend between your ceiling and floor. Affordable and built with multiple tiers, it comes in neutral shades, so it can blend in with any decor. Reviewers say this carpet-style tree is also incredibly easy to put in place because it fits ceilings up to 9 feet and is super resilient. "Very sturdy," described one reviewer. "I live in an apartment so I could not permanently attach it to the ceiling. The tension on the pole makes it sturdy for my 7lbs cat to jump on and play."


The Best Angled Cat Tree To Fit In A Tight Corner

If you're looking for an angled tree that you can tuck away in a corner so it doesn't become an eyesore, this one is a great find because it's built with that in mind. It comes with a private hideaway house that'll give your cat the feeling that they've got their own den, plus a spring ball wand that's great for batting around, and a cozy perch to snooze or catch sunbeams from. Made with sisal wrapped posts that kitties will love to maul up, this tree can hold cats up to 24 pounds, so it's also incredibly sturdy.


The Best Literal Tree For Stealthy Kitties That Love To Hide

Give your favorite feline buddy the ultimate play experience with this ridiculously cute tower, which is designed to look and feel just like an actual tree. Built to hold cats up to 32 pounds, this tree comes with multiple perches that are concealed by faux leaves and can be adjusted or swiveled to fit different positions. Most of all, it helps tap into a cat's instinct to hide by providing cover and plenty of perches to sneak off to. If your indoor cat often doubles as an escape artist, this tree could be a good solution, since it gives them a chance to feel like they're outdoors and climbing in secret. Another pro? People say their cats go nuts for it. "My cat loves this tree," raved one reviewer. "We have it in front of our large bay window and he hides behind the leaves to birdwatch! Hysterical!"

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