These Covered Litter Boxes Give Your Cat Privacy — & Keep Litter Messes At Bay


No matter how much you love your cat, there's one element to living with felines that virtually all pet parents can agree really stinks, and that's cleaning a litter box. Luckily, the best covered cat litter boxes manage to keep it from becoming the only business people think of when they step foot in your home.

While cats generally tend to be pretty tidy and self-sufficient, litter boxes can get real messy real fast if you're not careful. With covered litter boxes, you can trap in some of the smell inside and keep unsightly used litter out of plain sight. Beyond basic options, top-entry boxes are becoming hugely popular with pet parents who love the added privacy they offer. Some litter boxes are even self-cleaning which can be way more convenient if cleaning up after others isn't your favorite activity (is it anyone's?). Further, there are litter boxes that come in decorative designs to help them blend into the aesthetic of your room, so no house guest ever has to know it's there.

Ready to start thinking inside the box? Consider this list as your go-to guide for everything you need to know about the best covered cat litter boxes. No matter what kind of budget or space you have to work with, the options featured here can help make living with poop-scoop duty way more manageable.


Best Overall: An Affordable, Odor-Resistant Litter Box With A Swinging Door

Super affordable and made with stain- and odor-resistant polypropylene plastic, this covered litter box is large enough to fit most pets and comes with a snap-on hood, so your cat can really enjoy the added privacy. This also features a swinging door, which provides easy in-and-out access for cats, and a comfortable top handle, so you can lift off the cover easily for cleaning. To reduce odors, you can also use the on-board replaceable carbon filter, which helps create a fresh, welcoming environment that your kitty (and you) can enjoy. For the money, you won't find a better covered cat litter box.


Least Messy: A Top-Entry Box That Will Keep All The Litter Inside

Similar to the wildly popular (but way more expensive) Modkat, this top-entry litter box provides cats with room to move around without creating a mess. The grooves that are on the top lid help create a built-in mat, which minimizes litter scatter, while the easy removal makes cleaning up after beyond easy. Although this box was designed with all cats in mind, those with limited mobility or that are on the heavier side may struggle to get the hang of this, since there is a learning curve. Still, reviewers can't help raving about how excellent and simple to use this is for them. "This is fabulous. It has all the benefits of the ModKat (top entry, stylish color [if you get the blue], and I believe it's bigger than the ModKat). My cat took to it instantly. Highly recommend, especially for cats who kick litter everywhere."


Best Self-Cleaning: A Litter Box That Can Clean Itself Without Electricity

One of the best perks to this self-cleaning model from Omega Paw (and trust me, there are many) is that all it takes to scoop away poop and urine is a little box tilt. This modern-day sorcery comes by way of the patented grill inside the box, which separates clumped waste and deposits it into a pull-out tray. Stylishly designed with chrome accents that could compliment your bathroom's fixtures, it's also roomy and can actually save you time and money down the line, because it means you'll spend less cash on litter-related accessories and you won't have to pony up the big bucks for a more expensive electric model. "This is simply the best litter box out there," one reviewer wrote. "It just works as described. Roll it over, then back, pull out the drawer and dump into the trash. It couldn't be any easier and cleaner."


Best Space-Saver: A Tiny, Rounded Litter Box You Can Tuck Into Corners

If space is really hard to come by around your house or apartment, there's a good chance you'll appreciate this hooded litter box, which is specifically designed to squeeze into corners. You'll love this box because it comes with a deep pan, covered design that helps control odors, plus side latches keep the lid secured, easy carry handle, and a filtration system that helps control dust. Another distinct pro to using this model over others on this list is that it's actually gentle for older cats to navigate into and out of. It comes with a low step, so they don't have to really leap a lot to get in, but one downside is that it does make tracking or spilling litter outside the box more likely, so be sure to pick up a mat too if you're grabbing this one.


Best For Old Or Injured Cats: A Covered Dome With A Built-In Ramp

Ostensibly, the big benefit to this litter box is that it comes with a built-in ramp, which is great for older or injured cats unable to jump in or out of a covered litter box. Around 50 percent larger than the average litter box, this box is incredibly roomy and great for accommodating cats of all sizes. It also comes with a carbon filter that helps to cut down odors and neutralize unpleasant spells. But more importantly, it's basically just the Taj Mahal of litter boxes. "I would poop in this if I were a cat," noted one reviewer. Other reviewers with dogs said this was also great at keeping litter free and clear of puppies.


Also, Great: A Litter Box That Looks Like A Potted Plant

More than 2,400 reviewers on Amazon say this covered litter box is amazing if you're looking for a way to conceal your litter box so it's not right out in the open. Designed to look like a real clay pot, this also comes with plants that are easy to switch out with others if you prefer. Including the plant, this whole thing measures out to be 42 inches high. Made from durable polypropylene with a filtered vented system that works to control dust and odor, this may be the only litter box in recorded history that'll actually help make your room look cooler.

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