6 Cubic Zirconia Earrings That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are

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If you want the glitz and glamour of diamonds without the steep price tag, glittery cubic zirconia is likely to meet your needs. The best cubic zirconia earrings offer that coveted diamond sparkle, but for a much more accessible price. Plus, unlike most diamonds, cubic zirconia is artificially produced in a controlled environment — which means it’s pretty much flawless.

When you’re shopping for a pair of cubic zirconia earrings, think about the type of earrings you’d prefer. Stud, hoop, drop, and cluster earrings are all common styles with the power to take your look from subtle shimmer to full-on glam. Also, keep the size of the stone in mind — smaller stones will be subtle and light, while larger stones will be more eye-catching and heavier on the ear. The quality of the cubic zirconia can vary as well, but Swarovski-brand zirconia is reliably high quality.

Finally, take a look at the metal parts of the earring and consider which materials they’re made of, particularly if your ears are sensitive to certain metals. If you tend to have an allergic reaction to any jewelry that contains nickel, you should opt for a gold set of earrings that’s at least 14 karats and designed to be hypoallergenic.

Keep in mind that cubic zirconia isn’t as hard as diamonds, which means it’s more susceptible to scratching and dulling with use. Make sure to take good care of your earrings to keep them as shiny and scratch-free as possible. A jewelry organizer can keep your earrings from tangling and rubbing against other jewelry. Storing earrings in a cool, dry place and keeping them away from harsh cleaning products and perfumes can help to extend the lifespan of any metal plating too.

If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of cubic zirconia earrings, you’ll find something to love among these six options that are all available for purchase on Amazon:

The Best Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

With over 2,500 ratings on Amazon to date, this set of NANA 14K Gold Swarovski Pure Brilliance Stud Earrings has proven popular among jewelry shoppers. The classically beautiful studs come in three different colors of gold — white, rose, and yellow — and the round-cut Swarovski zirconia stones are available in eight different sizes. (But make sure to carefully read the sizing instructions for the stones, as some reviewers have accidentally ordered the wrong size.)

The earrings feature solid 14-karat gold posts with double notching, a gold-plated sterling silver basket, and a sterling silver backing. Don't be surprised if these become your go-to earring for everyday wear as well as dressier occasions.

Reviewers say: “The earrings are BEAUTIFUL! They are incredibly well made, super sparkly, comfortable and best of all, they look REAL!!”

The Best Budget Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

You get a whole lot of bang for your buck — and tons of choices — with these Amazon Essentials plated sterling silver stud earrings. The sterling silver basket comes plated in platinum, white gold, or rose gold, and the stones are available in seven sizes ranging from 4.5 to 8.5 millimeters. You can opt for round-cut or princess-cut stones, and there's even a Champagne-color stone option for the rose gold earrings. At this price, you may be tempted to purchase multiple pairs!

The manufacturer doesn’t specify all the materials used, so if you have sensitive ears, I’d recommend springing for the Ioka stud earrings below, just to be safe.

Reviewers say: “I would absolutely recommend these! They look real and the platinum makes them so comfortable in even sensitive ears. They look so classy and add just a touch of sparkle to my everyday wardrobe. Totally worth it!”

The Best Hypoallergenic Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings For Sensitive Ears

The Ioka 14K gold solitaire cubic zirconia stud earrings are a great option for sensitive ears. You have the choice of either 14-karat solid yellow gold or white gold. The round-cut stone comes in a variety of sizes that range from 3 millimeters to 8 millimeters.

These earrings feature a screw-on backing to keep them securely fastened; if you prefer a push back, you can snag the same pair with a silicone-encased backing instead. These earrings also comes in a nice jewelry box, which makes them an extra-nice gift.

Reviewers say: “My ears are very sensitive to metals other than gold, and these are definitely real solid gold. My ears would tell me if they weren’t. The stone is nice as well, shiny and the perfect size.”

The Best Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings

You'll find Swarovski cubic zirconia lining these platinum- or gold-plated hoop earrings. As you can see in the picture, the stones line the parts of the earring you can primarily see from the front: the front half of the outside of the earring and the back-half of the inside of the earring. Each set is made of sterling silver plated in platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold, and comes in two size options (1-inch or 1.5-inch diameter) that are lovely for daily wear or dressing up.

The backing features a click-top with a hinge, so they're super easy to get on and off. Some reviewers noted that these earrings are a bit heavy, so if your ears are sensitive to heavier hoops, you might want to opt for a smaller set like the PAVOI 14K gold-plated cuff earrings. Alternatively, if you'd prefer a larger option, try these ORAZIO stainless steel hoop earrings.

Reviewers say: “These earrings are the perfect size and look very classy for just about any occasion. [...] Very attractive, the stones are very nice and the overall look is perfect.”

The Best Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings

There's something distinctly sophisticated about these Amazon Collection platinum- or gold-plated earrings. These drop earrings display princess-cut Swarovski zirconia stones that come in three sizes and four colors. Each set is made of sterling silver plated in platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold and has a lever-back closure. If you like the look of colored stones, you might want to check out the vibrant emerald version set in yellow gold — it's a striking combination.

If you're looking for drop earrings with a more elaborate setting, these Amazon Essentials 18K gold-plated drop earrings might suit your fancy.

Reviewers say: “The photo does not do them justice. The setting has a pretty open filigree pattern on the sides which makes the stones extra sparkly. Very satisfied with this purchase and such a fair price.”

The Best Cubic Zirconia Cluster Earrings

Add a touch of glamour to special occasions with these platinum-plated Mariell cubic zirconia cluster earrings. They display marquise-cut AAAAA-grade cubic zirconia, the highest-quality rating for cubic zirconia, and measure 1.25 inches tall and 0.75 inches wide. You can wear the eye-catching set with the cluster curving towards or away from your face. French backings keep the earrings secure. Several Amazon reviewers mentioned wearing them to weddings, including brides themselves!

Reviewers say: “Mariell makes very pretty, sparkling earrings, and these are no exception. They are comfortable, have omega clip backs, and frame the face in an attractive manner. They are big enough to make an impact, but they are not gaudy, or heavy. [...] All in all, these earrings are elegant, and I love them!”

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