The 6 Best Diffusers For Curly Hair

There's nothing better than a good curly hair day, but it isn't always effortless. It's a multi-step process that includes microfiber towels, curl creams, and if there's a blowdryer involved, the direct heat can sometimes ruin the curl. That's why I'm always searching for the best diffusers for curly hair. A diffuser is a lifesaver for me when I don't have time for my hair to air-dry, but I also want my curls to look voluminous and defined.

A great diffuser can turn any blowdryer into one that's worthy of a salon. Pack it into a suitcase to level up those hotel dryers, or save money on an expensive new blowdryer by getting these more affordable diffuser options. They really make a difference for people who have curly hair!

Now, you don't want to just buy any diffuser. The ones that traditionally come included with a hairdryer are way more suited for straight hair. There's better options out there that specifically dry curly hair without losing any of the curl, and you'll want to make sure it'll fit the hairdryer you already have. But once you know what you want, there's great options for diffusers that will enhance your curly look.

1. This Little Hand-Shaped Diffuser Is Specifically Designed For Curls

The DevaCurl DevaFuser is a diffuser made for every curly hair type, only for curly hair types. It might be odd-looking, but with 360 degree airflow to give natural curl definition, volume, and lift, all while adding softness? I'll keep the weird little guy right on my bathroom shelf. It also fits on most blow dryers, and it's recommended to finish off your styling with the cold air setting on your dryer to lock curls in place.

2. This Titanium Diffuser Is Used By Professionals

This universal finger diffuser is located in the Professional Beauty section on Amazon, which means that it's used by beauty experts in spas and hair salons. Reviewers love that hair doesn't get caught in it, and it's perfect for curly styles. For salon-quality results, use this on low heat. Just don't expect it to give you one of those relaxing hair washes you get at the salon, though.

3. The Diffuser That Cuts Down Your Drying Time

Long or thick hair can sometimes take forever to dry, and you don't want to keep heat on it for that long. This large hair diffuser promises to cut down on that drying time, which means less damage in the long run. The 3D prongs disperse air evenly, keeping curls and volume. It fits perfectly on a blowdryer with a 6" circumference, but if you want to be sure, try this affordable option made by the diffuser brand.

4. The Collapsible Diffuser That's Perfect For Travel

When you're on a weekend vacation and don't want to rely on your friend's hair tools, this collapsible hair diffuser will condense to fit easily and neatly into any suitcase or backpack. And it'll keep things neat and organized under your bathroom sink! Plus, it'll fit nearly any model of hair dryer, so there's no need to worry about measuring beforehand. When used with low heat, it'll keep the natural texture of curls while reducing frizz.

5. The Blowdryer That's Made For Diffusing

This Bed Head blowdryer is made for the included diffuser attachment—it's round, flat shape makes diffusing hair easier, but there's an option to detach it if need be. With 2 heat and speed settings, a cold shot button, and tourmaline technology, people are loving it for its fast dry time and beautiful results. One reviewer says, "With thick curly hair (3a/3b) prone to frizzing.. til now I let my hair dry naturally... A new hairdresser recommended a diffuser to at least partially dry my hair I've been using this a couple of weeks and I love it. I'm getting great curl definition, lift, and no frizz."

6. The Lightweight Sock For Your Blowdryer

This neat little sock diffuser is great if you're nervous to make a diffuser purchase because you're not sure about the size of your blow dryer. Since it'll stretch to fit, you really can't go wrong with this one. It's also great if you travel a lot or go between apartments often—keep one in your purse and you'l be ready for any overnight stay that comes your way, and it does work great on curls. One reviewer says: "I love this compared to a standard big diffuser and feel like it does a better job drying my hair without damaging it or making my curls too frizzy. Would definitely recommend getting if you have curly/wavy hair and are looking for a solution to frizz and damage from every day use of your blow-dryer."

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