These Incredibly Soft Pillows Will Give You The Best Sleep Of Your Life

If you want to feel like you're sleeping on air or, literally, on a bed of feathers, you've probably thought about investing in a new mattress — but that's not always necessary. Laying your tired head on one of the best down pillows you can find, on the other hand — now, that's a solution and a treat that's worth every penny.

Goose down pillows are light, soft, airy, and, depending on their fill, can last you a long time. Depending on your preference, you can score a down pillow that's practically weightless or one with a little more heft to it — the trick lies in understanding the fill of each pillow. Smaller fills, like 600 (which is the lowest), have smaller down clusters and are firmer, but typically have to be replaced more often. A 700-fill down pillow is slightly softer, and an 800-fill pillow has much larger down clusters that make it the fluffiest option around — and, one that stands the test of time. There's no wrong choice when it comes to fill — opting for a firmer or softer pillow depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Budget is also a consideration when choosing a comfortable pillow. Goose down pillows are popular, but duck down pillows tend to be a more budget-friendly choice. No matter which type you choose, down is considered one of the most comfortable pillows you can own, and you won't regret adding this plush, soft element to your sleeping routine. Check out these six down pillows, which are among the best you'll find.


A White Goose Down Pillow That Never Gets Flat

Continental Bedding 700-Fill 100 Percent Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow, $130, Amazon

A firm goose down pillow that's still soft enough to cradle your head comfortably, this 700-fill pillow is ideal for side sleepers. It's so supportive, you may find yourself using it on the couch and while working in your office chair. It has a 300-thread count for additional softness and, according to more than 280 reviewers, while it may be expensive it's worth every cent. One of is biggest claims to fame is the fact that, while many other pillows go flat with the consistent head pressure we place on them night after night, this one retains its shape.


A Medium-Soft Goose Down Pillow You'll Find In Hotel Rooms And On Cruise Ships

The Original Queen Anne Pillow, $136, Amazon

If you always return from vacations well-rested and are wondering how you can recreate the same sleep environment at home, this goose down pillow provides the first crucial step. With a 650-fill made from ethically sourced and sterilized French goose feathers, this soft, plush pillow is commonly found on celebrity cruise lines and in hotels, so you know you're getting the real luxury deal.


A Pillow That Never Pokes You With Random Feather Quills

Puredown Goose Down And Feather Bed Pillow, $43 (Set Of 2), Amazon

It's one of the downsides (maybe the only downside) to sleeping on a down pillow: you may just find random feather quills poking you in the face from time to time. But not with this goose down and feather bed pillow. It's filled with 10 percent white goose down and 90 percent white goose feathers, and is secured at the edges with single needle stitches to keep feathers intact. Each pillow is even vacuum packed and comes in a PVC bag for added protection.


An Allergy-Free Goose Down Pillow Covered In Organic Cotton

Unite Down Goose Pillows, $47 (Set Of 2), Amazon

Many allergy sufferers say goose pillows are more forgiving than others, even "anti-allergy" pillows. Take an extra precaution with these washed white goose down and feather pillows, which are protected by an allergy-resistant, 100 percent organic cotton cover that prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt.


A Super-Flat, Hypoallergenic Duck Down Pillow For Maximum Air Flow

Downlite Extra Soft Down Pillow, $70, Amazon

Firm, supportive pillows may be all the rage, but there's still a market for extra soft, flat duck down pillows — and this is one of the best around. This hypoallergenic pillow is filled with 525-500-fill duck down feathers and is ideal for anyone who sleeps on their stomach or side. The fact that it gets flat allows for better airflow.

"I am a stomach and side sleeper and need that flatness at my chin but fluffiness to support the exposed part of the back of my head and neck," writes one satisfied reviewer. "Recommend it. In fact I am going to buy another one. Remember, it will compress to a pancake and still fluff to support."


A Luxurious, Treat-Yourself Goose Down Pillow Covered In 100 Percent Silk

Cuddledown Soft Silk Pillow, $279, Amazon

When you decide to treat yourself with the most luxuriously soft 800-fill goose down pillow imaginable, this is the one: it's ridiculously soft and covered in 410-thread count 100 percent silk. This hypoallergenic pillow may not be the one you use to outfit all of the beds in your home, but if you keep just one on your side of the bed, it will help you get the best rest of your life.

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