The 6 Best Drugstore Face Oils


Despite what you may think, face oils are actually a great moisturizer for all skin types. Even those with oily skin can benefit from incorporating one into their routines since they can help balance skin's moisture levels and regulate sebum production. And though these typically tiny bottles are often accompanied by hefty price tags, many of the best drugstore face oils work just as well as their higher-end counterparts.

It's important, though, to figure out which oil your specific skin type will benefit from the most. Argan oil, for example, isn't recommended for oily skin, because the molecules are so large, which means it might clog your pores. But it's a great choice for dry skin, because those large molecules act as a barrier that traps moisture. For oily skin, gel-oils are a popular choice since they're hydrating but noncomedogenic.

You should apply your face oil as the last step in your skin-care routine (after serum and moisturizer) to seal everything in. Also with oils, a little product goes a long way, otherwise, you might wind up feeling greasy. With most formulas, a drop or two is all you should need.

Below, find six of the best affordable face oils you can buy online.