These 6 Facial Dry Brushes Will Make Your Skin Glow

While you've probably heard about the many benefits of dry brushing your body, you may not be aware that you can reap those same benefits from applying this technique to your face. Using one of the best dry brushes for your face, can help increase blood flow to the skin (hello, rosy cheeks!) and stimulate your lymphatic system — both of which brighten up the complexion and help relieve temporary under-eye puffiness. As an added bonus, dry brushing is a great gentle form of exfoliation, so you’ll be sweeping away dead skin cells in the process.

So, how exactly do you dry brush your face? As with any skin care routine, begin by washing your face with a gentle cleanser. Pat your skin dry and brush your tool of choice from your chin to your hairline using light, gentle strokes. Repeat this move until you've covered your entire face. But remember to always move away from the direction of your heart so that you’re encouraging circulation. And like getting a good facial at the spa, don’t neglect your neck and chest!

Dry brushing is a great way to prime your skin to better absorb the rest of the products in your skin care routine, so be sure to finish with a serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen if it's daytime. Clean skin care tools always work best, so don’t forget to clean your brush with warm water and soap at least once a week.

It may take some getting used to, but once you've tried dry brushing your face, the technique will become as much of a part of your routine as washing your face, especially once you see that post-brush glow.


A Gentle, Natural Horsehair Brush That’s Perfect For Delicate Skin

Sublime Beauty Upgraded Facial Skin Brushes, $14, Amazon

The natural horsehair bristles on this dry facial brush are a perfect compliment to facial skin which is more delicate and sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. And if you're completely lost when it comes to dry brushing, it comes with a downloadable guide, complete with photo illustrations.


Spa Quality Facial Dry Brushes That Are Easy To Use

Bath Blossom Face Cleansing Brush, $14 (3 Pack), Amazon

If you’re new to dry brushing your face, the ergonomic wood handle on these dry brushes will make it easier to get through those gentle (and sometimes awkward), upward motions. The natural bristles are strong and flexible without causing any irritation to the skin.


An Oval Brush That Easily Glides Across The Contours Of The Face

Aveda Tulasara Radiant Facial Dry Brush, $40, Amazon

One of the trickiest parts about this skin care technique is getting used to gliding the brush over the contours of your face. Aveda’s dry brush is oval, so not only does it move easily over rounded areas like your chin and nose, it also fits easily into the palm of your hand.


A Dry Brush With 400,000 Bristles For A Thorough Exfoliation

OrrinSports Easter Day 400,000 Soft Bristles Brush For Face, $8, Amazon

Yes, this brush really has 400,000 bristles — and for a good reason. The hair-thin soft bristles are designed to provide a thorough exfoliation without irritation, which results in a glowing complexion.


An Easy-To-Use Handheld Dry Brush With A Strap

GranNaturals Hand-Sized Body Brush, $8, Amazon

While this brush can be used on the body, the not too big, not too small oval shape makes it suitable for the face, too. The cotton hand strap makes it easy to hold on — particularly as you’re getting used to those upward sweeping motions.


A Three-Pack Of Small Brushes That Are Perfect For Covering Tiny Areas

Resilient Beauty Facial Dry Brush, $14 (3 Pack), Amazon

When it comes to dry brushing your face, it can be somewhat difficult to cover those tiny crevices on the side of your nose. Thanks to its miniature size, this 100 percent natural bristle dry brush does the trick. Use it alone, or to supplement your other favorite dry brush.

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