Washing Your Hair Less? These Dry Shampoos Are Perfect For Color-Treated Hair

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Hair that has been chemically treated can be moisture-zapped, so the best dry shampoo for color-treated hair not only gently absorbs oil, but also adds much-needed nourishment to stressed-out strands. Yet, with so many different kinds of dry shampoos to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. In order to find the best one for you, consider the following factors.

Key Ingredients

The most common oil-absorbing ingredients in dry shampoo are types of starch powder, like rice and cornstarch. Rice starch is super popular and appears in most of the products here because its smaller particle size absorbs oil well. Kaolin clay, the same ingredient you might find in your mattifying face mask, makes an appearance too, because it's highly absorbent while being super gentle — which is especially great for colored hair. A good dry shampoo will also ideally have a moisturizing agent added in, like argan oil or oat milk, so that your hair doesn't get overly dry.

Spray Vs. Powder

You've probably seen the two main types of dry shampoo: an aerosol spray or a sprinkle-on powder. While you might find that you just like one application method more than the other, each type does offer some unique benefits. An aerosol disperses dry shampoo in a mist, which covers a lot of area at one time and helps bulk up fine hair. A loose powder, on the other hand, is more concentrated, which makes it ideal for very oily scalps, even sweaty, post-workout hair. If you opt for powder, just make sure you're rubbing it in well so you don't have any white residue left on your strands.

Think Tint

If you’ve made a drastic color change, a tinted dry shampoo will be your new BFF because it can help camouflage grown-out roots between appointments. Blonde or silver hair might want to opt for something with purple tones that can cancel out brassiness, rather than something that matches exactly.

All of the dry shampoos below will help you skip at least a day — or two or three — between washes, and keep your colored locks looking luxe.

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The Overall Best Aerosol Dry Shampoo

This all-in-one dry shampoo helps refresh and repair with a comprehensive aerosol cocktail of oil-absorbing microfine rice powder that's balanced out by nourishing tiger nut oil (cyperus esculentus). There's also adaptogenic golden root extract (AKA rhodiola) that may actually stimulate hair growth, and strengthening wheat protein will help repair damaged ends. It's also notable for what's not included: This product is cruelty-free and contains no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. But you might want to use it for the smell alone. Its cocktail of jasmine, sandalwood, and Madagascar vanilla will seriously upgrade your morning routine.


A Budget-Friendly Aerosol Dry Shampoo In A Convenient Three-Pack

Batiste has been a trusted brand for generations because this bestselling drugstore shampoo continues to get the job done and get you out the door, all at a very affordable price. The waterless formula relies on rice starch, in a fine aerosol, to zap sweat and oil, plus it's less likely to be drying since alcohol is lower down on the ingredients list. You can also use this vegan-friendly formula to add body and texture for beachy looks or to create grip for updos. And since this one comes in a budget-friendly three-pack, you can use it with abandon. The Blush fragrance is a gorgeous floral that smells far, far more expensive than it is and stands out from the lineup of otherwise equivalent drugstore options.


An Aerosol Dry Shampoo For Blonde And Grey Hair That Cancels Out Brassiness

If blondes have more fun, they also require more care. When you bleach hair, you first remove pigment; what's left behind has a reddish to yellow undertone. This is followed by a glaze that balances those hues to create your final color but, over time, this glaze fades due to everything from shampoo to sunshine. This aerosol dry shampoo for light hair has violet undertones to cancel out brassy hues (which can also turn up in grey hair color). Rice starch and argan oil cleanse and balance plus, since even a little bit of sun exposure can add up, there's added UV protection to help your color last. This high-end dry shampoo comes with a similarly luxurious floral and amber scent. They also make a great dry shampoo for dark hair.


A Nourishing Aerosol Option With Tint For Extending Your Darker Color

Klorane's gentle dry shampoo has a cult following, and this smaller travel-size bottle makes it accessible to test out. The rice and corn starch comes in a volume-boosting aerosol with silica microspheres for extra oil-absorbing powers, and it features a mineral-based beige tint to help you go longer between salon visits. The tint doesn't look stark on dark hair and reviewers raved about it being easy to blend in. Soothing oat milk balances out the deep-cleaning action, and the hypoallergenic vegan formula is dermatologically tested and free of several common irritants and preservatives, so it's also a good option for sensitive scalps.

It's also available in a two-pack and in a more pricey, but longer-lasting jumbo bottle.


An Organic Powder Dry Shampoo That’s Great For Travel

Cornstarch, arrowroot, and kaolin powders pack an oil-absorbing punch in this vegan, non-aerosol dry shampoo formula that also features deodorizing baking soda. Organic rosemary and peppermint oils refresh and detoxify, and their cooling herbal scent is energizing in the morning. The eco-friendly formula is vegan and certified cruelty-free, and you won't find any parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, or petrolatum on the list, either. The best part is that since it's a powder, and in a compact 1.7-ounce size, it's perfect for your carry-on bag while traveling.


A Multitasking Powder For Hair & Body

This versatile unscented hair and body powder can be used to refresh hair and skin (think: foot powder, bikini line, etc) thanks to its simple, yet effective, cocktail of all-natural ingredients. Kaolin clay and arrowroot powder both absorbs oil, while baking soda gently deodorizes, and plantain leaf powder soothes. Plus, you won't find any talc, grain, or cornstarch in the formula. Shoppers note that the fragrance-free powder truly is unscented, but if you're longing for a scent, you can also get this natural dry shampoo with essential oil blends that smell seriously amazing, like a lavender-infused one and a vanilla and amber option.

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