If You Have Sensitive Skin, You'll Love These Gentle Face Oils


Due to their ability to treat everything from inflammation to acne, face oils have never been more popular. But as anyone with sensitive skin will tell you, trying the latest and greatest innovations in beauty can be risky. Luckily, many of the best face oils for sensitive skin are formulated without ingredients that are known to be common irritants.

In this article, I'm going to be focusing on nutrient-rich vegetable oils that are extracted from the fatty portions of the plant, also known as carrier oils. Carrier oils are commonly used to dilute essential oils, but for those with sensitive skin, many essential oils can be irritating or trigger allergies. Using vegetable oils on their own is a safer, gentler way of reaping the benefits of plant-based extracts.

While it’s likely that you already have a few carrier oils in your kitchen, the ones we cook with tend to be food-grade and don’t always retain their vitamins and nutrients after processing; An effective face oil should be specified as for skin.

Many people with sensitive skin have learned that organic or all-natural formulas tend to be gentler on their delicate complexions. It's important to note that lots of face oils are labeled as being raw or organic — but this can be misleading; In cosmetics, ‘organic’ can actually refer to any chemical compound. This is why you should always look for skin care products that are certified organic, as those are the ones that are actually free of chemicals and pesticides.

The six nourishing face oils, below, are all certified organic and safe for sensitive skin. Whether you're looking to reduce redness, soothe irritation, deeply hydrate, or fight acne, these plant-based oils are here to help.


Best For Sensitive, Combination Skin: This Hydrating Blend Of Rosehip And Other Essential Oils

Featuring pure organic ingredients, this facial serum is perfect for hydrating sensitive skin. It contains rosehip oil, which is rich in both antioxidants and fatty acids, as well as jojoba and sunflower oil. The blend of these nourishing oils results in a lightweight consistency that won’t leave a greasy buildup on the skin. The presence of vitamins A and C in rosehip and the addition of vitamin E will rejuvenate dull, tired-looking skin while providing long-lasting moisture. This face serum also features a beautiful blend of organic geranium and clary sage, two wonderful essential oils that help calm skin, control excess sebum, and prevent eczema flare-ups.


Best For Itchy, Irritated Skin: This Fragrance-Free Facial Oil That's Made From Almonds

The blend of moisturizing emollients in this soothing facial oil is ideal for relieving itchy skin with a simple, fragrance-free formula. This serum is specifically made for people with sensitive skin and the ingredients go well beyond being soothing. Sweet almond oil can reduce inflammation and protect skin from UV damage, and antioxidant-rich plum Kernel seed acts as a barrier from drying elements. With over 1,5000 reviews and a near-perfect rating, you can be assured that this all-natural oil will do wonders for your skin.


Best For Cystic Acne: This Incredibly Healing Tamanu Oil That Has Naturally Antimicrobial Properties

An incredible wound healer with a unique composition, tamanu oil feels like heaven on stressed-out skin. It’s actually so powerful that you’ll notice the effects almost immediately, particularly if you're using it to treat ingrown facial hairs and cystic acne. With moisturizing fatty acids and antimicrobial properties, tamanu encourages healthy new cell growth on an incredible level. Even though this greenish blue oil is quite thick, it quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving a subtle scent of its maple-syrupy aroma. Personally, I still can’t get over how quickly the skin heals after only a few applications.


Best At Preventing Environmental Damage: This Camellia Oil That Can Also Be Used On Your Hair

Moisturizing sensitive skin can be tricky, but camellia seed oil is naturally antimicrobial, meaning it delivers deep-lasting hydration without the risk of breakouts. Great for both oily and combination skin, it's rich in polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants that protect the skin from various forms of damage (like from UV rays and free radicals). Since camellia oil is hypoallergenic, it’s excellent for people with sensitive skin. Plus, this one is certified organic, making it a wise option for an effective face oil that's safe and won’t cause additional irritation.


Best At Preventing And Healing Scars: This Antioxidant-Rich Black Seed Oil

While black seed oil gets its hearty dose of nutrients from the common cooking spice, coriander, the benefits for people with sensitive skin are anything but basic. Black seed oil contains thymoquinone, which is rich in antioxidants, and is gaining a reputation for being a cure-all ingredient. This carrier oil can help prevent and heal scars, which is excellent for people that tend to get dry patches or acne. You can benefit from those antioxidants by applying this pure, organic, unrefined oil directly on your skin and letting it work its magic.


Best For Rosacea: An Unrefined Anti-Inflammatory Jojoba Oil

This facial oil can work wonders on skin that's prone to rosacea because jojoba oil contains myristic acid, which is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and reduces swelling and redness. Odorless and incredibly light, jojoba is technically a wax that is well-known for producing oil close to the type our skin produces naturally. That means it’s less likely to cause irritation and will absorb quickly into your skin without leaving a greasy build-up. With a price tag of only thirteen dollars, this pure organic jojoba oil is a total steal.

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