Keep Your Acoustic Guitar From Cracking With These Humidifiers — & One's Just $6


There's a reason why music stores often put their guitars in a separate room: Since wood expands and contracts as temperatures and humidity levels change, a controlled environment helps keep your guitars playing like new. Maybe you don't have a full room dedicated to your instruments — but the best guitar humidifiers can still prevent your guitars from warping, cracking, and shrinking. They're designed to automatically emit just the right amount of moisture, but for reference, the experts over at Taylor recommend a relative humidity (or RH) of 45% to 55% for acoustic guitars.

For the most part, there are two types of guitar humidifiers: body ones that fit underneath the strings and inside the sound hole, and ones that live in your case or storage area. Electric guitars typically have solid wood bodies and are lacquered, so some argue that a humidifier is less necessary — but since they often don't have sound holes, if you choose to humidify an electric, you'll probably need the latter option. Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, work well with both body and case humidifiers; it's just a matter of personal preference. Either way, ensure that your humidifier of choice is leak-resistant, easy to maintain, and won't scratch your instrument. Here are the six best options that check all of the aforementioned boxes.

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The Overall Best Guitar Humidifier

The D'Addario Humidipak is a low-maintenance and relatively affordable solution that hundreds of reviewers trust. Each order comes with cloth pouches (which hang in between your strings) and humidity packs that tackle damaging dryness inside and around your guitar. How? The reverse-osmosis membrane emits pure water vapor that quickly restores the ideal humidity level, specifically 45 to 50% RH. While replacement packs are available, reviewers also report that you can "recharge" the humidity packs for free using water and storage containers. Finally, unlike other options, they come in two distinct types: The restore kit, which aims to reverse damage caused by dry environments, and the maintain kit, which aims to prevent said damage from happening in the first place.

One reviewer wrote: "Could not be easier to use, and seems to keep the RH level around 45% in the case of my Taylor 814ce. As others have said, you can recharge these for free."


The Most Budget-Friendly Option

Looking for something that's cheap, no-frills, and simple to use? This D’Addario acoustic guitar humidifier checks all of those boxes. The absorbent sponge fits inside the non-drip container, which evenly releases moisture and sits securely between your strings. It doesn't have any clips or fasteners that could potentially scratch your guitar, and it's virtually effortless to maintain — all for less than $10.

One reviewer wrote: "Simple, cheap, and effective. In the first two days, there was a [visible] improvement on my classical guitar. The fretboard was showing grains of white, where it was drying out. After using this product it’s now shiny and black again. It’s easy to use and works effectively."


A Pick That Also Keeps Track Of Temperature & Humidity

When it comes to most humidifiers, you simply need to trust that they're doing their job and (hopefully) experience the results. Music Nomad is for the guitarist who wants to know that it's working. This little gadget doesn't just safely release moisture through its sponge, it also accurately displays the temperature and humidity levels on an easy-to-read LCD screen. It fits between your strings, but if you'd like to attach it to your case instead, it also has a strong adhesive backing.

One reviewer wrote: "I have a nice acoustic guitar, and the last thing you want to do is ignore the humidity levels in your guitar's environment [...] This unit keeps the moisture in the case and I'm able to read the % so it helps me stay on top of caring for my instrument."


The Best Guitar Case Humidifier

For those who store their guitar primarily in its case and would rather avoid placing a humidifier directly on their instrument, there's the Oasis guitar case humidifier. Fill this space-savvy solution using the included syringe; then attach it to your hard guitar case using the stainless steel clip ⁠— since soft cases tend to be made of breathable cloth, they don't keep humidity contained well. (You can also magnetically swap out the clip for a stainless steel strip with an adhesive backing.) It will then emit moisture to keep your guitar in top shape. Just be sure to use distilled water, as dissolved minerals from tap or bottled water can clog the humidifier's liner.

One reviewer wrote: "I've bought several of these now because they are very good at holding the humidity in a guitar case during the dryer months of the year. I have a house that is all wood floors and trim, so in general it gets pretty dry in the winter (radiator heat). These little reusable tubes make it dead simple to keep an instrument humidified correctly."


The Best If You Hang Your Guitars Up

Most stands hold your guitar at a slight angle — but if you're hanging your acoustic on the wall, it'll probably be fully vertical. Unlike other options, the Kyser Lifeguard humidifier stays in place despite gravity; that's because it fits underneath the strings and is partially secured beneath the body. Since it's all black and mimics the appearance of the sound hole, it's also a discreet option when you're displaying your guitars.

One reviewer wrote: "I own three of these that I use for 3 Cordoba classical guitars. I live in a dry arid area of central California and I need to ensure that the guitar doesn't dry out and start cracking. I have my guitars hanging on the wall so other types of humidifier that fit between the strings just do not work."


The Best Guitar Room Humidifier

Finally, if you have multiple guitars or a room specifically dedicated to your acoustics, this TaoTronics evaporative humidifier is the way to go. This machine is designed for instruments because it saturates the room with moisture — without misting, excess noise, or leaving a white residue. It's suitable for spaces up to 200 square feet, and it has a wick filter to cleanse the water and a top-fill tank for easy refilling. The large 2.5-liter tank and simple control knob make it a low-maintenance addition to your guitar room.

One reviewer wrote: "I wanted a small simple evaporative humidifier for my 12 [by] 12 music room. I like leaving my guitars out of their cases because those take up too much room and makes it harder to get an instrument out to play it. This unit keeps the room at 40 percent which I think is ideal for electric and acoustic guitars."