You Won’t Need A Desk If You Have These Brilliant Laptop Carts


A day spent sitting at your computer can leave your shoulders feeling tight, your neck in pain, and your legs cramped. You walk away feeling tense from head to toe. Luckily, one of the best laptop carts can help solve all of your sedentary woes.

Even better, after plenty of research into what's out there, I've found carts with tons of amazing extra features that will make you glad you have one in your life. Fully-adjustable height; tilting tables; extra storage compartments; and built-in power strips. That's just to name a few.

Not to mention, many of the best laptop carts are built on solid, sturdy wheels that allow you to move your laptop safely with you as you walk around your office or home. Suddenly you can easily transport your entire workspace from office to office or room to room without having to shuffle papers, fold up your laptop, and lug the whole thing with you as you go.

Whether you're ready for an investment laptop cart that comes with an automatic height adjuster and a comfy leg rest, or an affordable option with a lightweight frame and all the space you need for a computer and mouse, I've rounded up the best laptop carts on the market for you to peruse. So, sit back and relax. Keep scrolling to find the right laptop cart for you.


The Best Laptop Cart In Terms Of Quality And Price

This basic laptop cart is a fantastic option if your ideal cart has all the essential features, a lightweight frame, and a really attractive price tag. Its fully adjustable height allows you to move the stand up and down, anywhere from 21.25 to 33.25 inches, while a locking knob on the underside can hold it in place. There's plenty of room for both a laptop and mousepad, although there's not a lot of excess space for things like notebooks or coffee cups. The only drawback to this cart is that the panel doesn't tilt so you'll need to be content with working on a flat surface. But reviewers don't seem to mind. One enthusiastic Amazon reviewer says, this is "easy to assemble and sturdy. Wheels over carpet with ease and adjustable height is so helpful."


The Best High-End Laptop Cart With Lots Of Features

While pricier than some of the other options on the list, this high-end laptop cart is made from top-of-the-line materials and has bonus features including an automated height adjustment button and cushy foot rest. To use the adjustable height feature (which ranges from 26 up to 42 inches), you simply press a button and watch it rise or lower. You can tilt the angle of the panel 20 degrees and the plush, padded foot rest swivels a full 360 degrees. On top of that, you can move the stand itself from completely upright to almost totally horizontal, allowing to you choose whether you want to work sitting, standing, or fully reclined. One fan raves there are "infinite positions for your laptop," and it is "very comfortable to use."


The Best Laptop Cart With Storage

This rolling laptop stand has plenty of room to store office supplies or other belongings in your laptop cart for easy access. It has one open shelf, a slide-out drawer, and a large storage compartment that provides ample space to keep computer accessories, work papers, or magazines. Made with a powder-coated steel frame and wooden panels, it is extra sturdy and won't wobble when you type. Its panel even tilts so you can customize the angle at which see your screen. No matter how you tilt this cart, your computer won't slide off and crash to the floor, protected by a safety edge-stopper near the edge of the table. Other features reviewers love? This cart has fully-adjustable height, and its two wheels have locking mechanisms to prevent it from shifting or rolling around while you work.


The Best Total Workstation

This laptop cart and workstation has four fiberboard shelves at varying heights, so you can keep your papers on one, your computer accessories on another, and still have room for a printer stand and footrest. Alternatively, you can use the bottom shelf to store books or office supplies. Each shelf is coated with a PVC finish that protects it from getting scratched up and the top shelf has wire management grommets to keep your cables tidy. The wheels, two of which lock, roll smoothly when you're moving it. Best of all, there is a built-in power strip on the side with six extra outlets so you can easily use it as a charging station as well.


The Best Over-The-Bed Laptop Cart

This over-the-bed laptop cart is the perfect choice if you prefer to use your laptop while laying in your bed. The length is adjustable, accommodating everything from a small twin bed to a full-sized king. The stand is constructed with a steel frame and wooden surface that provide stability and sturdiness. Its also built on wheels so that you can easily slip this cart off your bed when you're ready to go to sleep at night. And, when it's not over your bed, this cart can be slid against a wall and used as a desk with a chair. This cart also has plenty of table space for your laptop, mouse, computer accessories, work papers, and morning coffee. If you want it to match your bedroom, you can select from five colors including black, oak, maple, white, and black-and-white. One excited Amazon customer sums it up well, saying this laptop cart is "much better than a typical over-the-bed cart in every way: larger, stable, nice looking, easy to move."


Also Great: A Collapsable Laptop Stand That’s More Portable Than A Cart

This laptop stand ditches the wheels, making it the most portable option on this list. That means, no, technically it is not a "laptop cart," but a stand. But, with a solid steel, three-legged frame that collapses just like a tripod when you're not using it, this is a great alternative if you live in a place with limited space. The base is constructed with top-grade silicone that will grip your laptop and hold it firmly in place. The panel tilts to give you flexibility and the height is adjustable up to 4.5 feet. "This is a solid product," said one pleased Amazon user. "Well built and good quality. Excellent stand for a laptop, projector, and many other uses." One note: if you're looking for a lightweight cart with wheels, the first cart on this list is the next lightest.

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