These Comfy Desk Chairs Cost Less Than $300 — & They're The Office Upgrade You Deserve


When it comes to hours at your desk, a comfortable chair can make or break your work day. And while there are tons of options out there, it can be tough to find the perfect chair without overspending. Luckily, the best office chairs under $300 hit all the marks of a great seat without breaking the bank.

When shopping for a budget-friendly chair, the first thing to look for is overall construction and reliability. You'll want to make sure whichever one you choose has a sturdy frame made of wood, metal, or high-quality plastic so it'll last at least five years. You'll also want to double check the reviews to make sure the smaller parts of the chair — like the armrests and wheels — are durable and won't crack under pressure.

Regardless of cost, the best office chairs include adjustable neck supports, height, and tilt settings. A mesh desk chair is the best choice if your office runs warm, but if you're looking for a seat you can really sink into, a plush fabric or silky leather could be just the ticket.

Here's a roundup of some of the best office chairs under $300 that takes in account comfort, style, and durability.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Why it's great: This office chair with neck support is an excellent fit for anyone who spends a long time at a desk every day. The multidimensional, ultra soft head pillow can rotate 360 degrees so your neck and spine are supported no matter which way you move. The back support is extremely flexible to prevent soreness, and the padded armrests support your posture as you type. Bonus: When you're tired, you can recline this seat up to 120 degrees for a quick cat nap.

What fans say: "One of the best [chairs] we have tried so far. This is a chair [used] in the office to replace the older one. What we like the most of this chair is the adjustable parts on the back from head to waist that really help on the long work for different people."


A More Affordable Chair With Neck Support

Why it's great: With its plush seat and padded backrest, this ergonomic, high-back chair is as comfy as they come. Made with oil- and water-resistant leather, this chair is virtually stain-proof. The sturdy, metal frame is simple to assemble. On top of that, the height is completely adjustable and the seat swivels at 360 degrees for easy access to every part of your desk.

The tradeoffs: This chair does have a 250-pound weight limit. Some reviewers also mention that the stitching at the seams of the seat tends to come loose after using the chair for awhile.

What fans say: "So, so comfortable. It’s perfect for sitting in all day while I work. It moves and swivels really smoothly, and I think it’s going to last quite a while. It’s a great bargain for the price!"


A Breathable Chair That's Even Cheaper

Why it's great: This mid-back mesh chair is both ultra supportive and breathable. The mesh allows for maximum airflow to keep you cool, and the stretch in the fabric across the nylon frame helps to support your back while you work. It's also adjustable — the easy-to-use pneumatic controls allow you to accommodate the height and tension so you can work comfortably all day.

The tradeoffs: While the armrests are functional, they're slim and unpadded, which some may find uncomfortable.

What fans say: "I'm pleasantly surprised by this chair. It definitely exceeded my expectations and I can see myself using it for a long time to come. It's a comfortable and sturdy, no-frills, no-nonsense office chair. Well worth the money."


The Best Investment

Why it's great: This leather chair features a core constructed from memory foam and layered with extra padding for maximum comfort, and the coffee-colored bonded leather is buttery soft. On top of that, the frame is made with real wood, and the tilt and height of the seat is completely adjustable. Manufacturers also say this chair can hold up to 450 pounds of weight, making it one of the stronger options on this list.

The tradeoff: This is definitely a pricier office chair. And, if you work in a warm office or tend to overheat at work, the leather on this chair will not be your friend.

What fans say: "Minimal work (to put together), nothing but tightening a few screws. This is a heavy-duty, heavy chair. Compared to what I was sitting on (an office chair I paid $75 for) this feels like sitting on a throne."


The Best Chair For Knee Support

Why it's great: If you're looking for something with a little more support for your knees, this slim ergonomic chair is the perfect solution. The gently sloping waterfall seat allows your legs to rest without pressure accumulating behind your knees. Plus, the faux leather padding is 100 percent stain-resistant, and the padded arm caps offer even more support and comfort.

The tradeoffs: While the metal frame is durable, some reviewers mention that the bonded leather on this chair tends to flake after a few years.

What fans say: "We're in our 6th year owning this chair. We are not particularly careful with it and use it A LOT! It's the most comfortable portable chair in the house so we move it from room to room quite often. The remarkable thing is, it's still looks practically new!"


The Best Armless Chair

Why it's great: If you're looking for a chair that you can easily slip under a desk or table, this armless office chair saves space without compromising on comfort. The frame is constructed with a combination of nylon and plastic, and the 360-degree swivel allows you to move around your office with ease. It can also be adjusted for height and tilt.

The tradeoffs: While the frame is solid, some reviewers mentioned the chair padding can wear out quickly.

What fans say: "This chair is much nicer than I had anticipated for the price. Simple and attractive, it is nice in my home office. Also, it was super easy to assemble."

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