The 6 Best Outdoor String Lights

Craving some extra illumination, especially in your home's most serene areas like on your porch or garden? If so, you'll want to pick up some of the best outdoor string lights, which will add some magic to any backyard.

There are tons of different types of outdoor lights to choose from, all of which have something unique to offer, depending on your style and preferences. Other major factors to keep in mind are durability, weather resistance, power source, and how much light the bulbs actually emit. From solar-powered lights that are powered by sunshine to old-fashioned Edison bulbs that'll enchant any setting, you've got plenty of options if you're looking to buy some exterior lighting for your home or garden.

If you're shopping for outdoor string lights and want an inside look at some of the most well-reviewed options on the market, this round-up dives into six of the most popular lighting options you can find, and get this: they're all just a click away — no annoying Home Depot trips required. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to hear what real people are actually saying, because knowing what other shoppers think is always a bright idea before you buy.