Say Goodbye To Greasy Hair: These Shampoos Remove Oil & Scalp Buildup


Whether you have naturally oily hair or have been experiencing slicker strands then usual and don't know the culprit, the right shampoo can help. The best shampoo for greasy hair contains ingredients that remove excess oils and product buildup without stripping strands of moisture and shine. Here are a few points to keep in mind when shopping for a shampoo to balance your scalp.

Shampoos To Rebalance

Some hair types are more prone to oily hair. But other reasons you could have greasy hair include hormonal changes, sweating, an excessive use of styling products, and relying on the wrong shampoo for your hair type. A clarifying shampoo is a more powerful version of your typical daily shampoo, one that can cut through buildup and excess sebum and leave your scalp cleaner. Most clarifying shampoos are not meant to be used daily because they can be drying, but incorporating them into your haircare routine once or twice monthly can balance the oils on your scalp without leaving strands parched. For daily use, look for a shampoo that contains an abundance of hydrating essential oils or panthenol to replenish the moisture that stronger clarifying shampoo agents can strip away.

Hair Type

Before choosing a shampoo, consider your hair type and any styling treatments you receive. If you have dandruff, look for a shampoo that contains anti-fungal ingredients like piroctone olamine and climbazole. Sulfate-free formulas with fewer artificial ingredients are less likely to strip color-treated hair and damage processed styles. Thin hair may respond better to ingredients like rosemary oil that can boost circulation to hair follicles, while oily scalps and dry strands benefit from the aforementioned panthenol for shine.

With these facts in mind, this list of highly rated shampoos for greasy hair contain options for all hair types and budgets.

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Best Shampoo For Greasy Hair And Dandruff

Contrary to popular belief, dandruff or Seborrheic Dermatitis is a condition that can create yellow flakes in greasy hair, even if it results in an itchy, tight feeling associated with dry scalps. This scalp shampoo contains a mix of powerful and moisturizing ingredients and is one of few anti-dandruff formulas that reviewers say is not drying. It's formulated with piroctone olamine and climbazole, both of which are anti-fungal ingredients, salicylic acid that exfoliates dead skin, and a blend of hydrating natural oils like rosemary oil and ginger extract.

It's on the pricier side, but reviewers say a little goes a long way and that this is one of the most effective anti-dandruff shampoos they've used that rebalances the oils on the scalp without drying out strands. One caveat: Reviewers noted that it doesn't create the same kind of lather that you'll find with most daily shampoos.

Helpful review: "I've tried so many shampoos and scrubs to work on my dry/itchy scalp and nothing has helped. But this is the first one that has worked for me without making my hair super dry! The bottle is a little small, so if you have a lot of hair you'll run out pretty quick. But the quality is on par with other high end shampoos, I find it's worth it! It makes my hair super shiny and soft!"


Best Budget Shampoo For Greasy Hair

Clarifying shampoos come in all price points and it isn't always necessary to spend salon prices to find a good pick. This formula is described as gentle but effective at removing grease and product buildup, and a few reviewers say they use it after swims to remove pool chemicals and to prevent green hair. The fragrance is described by reviewers as fresh, but not flowery.

Keep in mind that the affordable price means you aren't getting bells and whistles in terms of hydrating ingredients like essential oils. And even though the name implies that it is meant for daily use, you may want to use it more for when your hair feels in need of a detox. But this is a solid affordable choice for normal to oily hair types and it even comes as a shampoo and conditioner set if you want to be sure your hair is benefitting from additional hydration.

Helpful review: "This is a wonderful hair gets greasy so fast..used this shampoo and it is so clean and fluffy looking. I will be buying this again."


Best Natural Shampoo For Greasy And Thin Hair

Made from 96% natural ingredients, this clarifying shampoo for greasy hair is formulated with an abundance of oils like lemon, jojoba, and rosemary, cyprus, and peach kernel that cleanse, lift up product buildup and excess sebum, moisturize strands, and even boost circulation to help give thin hair follicles a wake-up call. The cruelty-free formula is free of sulfates and parabens and is safe on all hair types, including curly, wavy, and color-treated hair, as well as sensitive skin. Aside from its lengthy list of ingredients found in nature and the fact that it boasts more than 6,000 reviews, reviewers point out that this shampoo stands out as one that won't weigh down hair and is especially effective on fine hair.

Helpful review: "I have had very fine, greasy hair all my life, sometimes to the point of having to wash it twice a day if I was going out at night. This product really de-greases hair. I am currently washing my hair every other day and while it feels funny (to me) it looks good and so much less greasy than before ... I noticed people commenting on the bad smell but I really like it. A little seems to go a long way; I use as instructed (a dime sized amount, massage into scalp and leave for a minute or two, and repeat)."


Best Shampoo For Greasy Color-Treated And Processed Hair

If you have color treated or processed hair and your scalp is oily, it's important to choose the gentlest formula possible, and reviewers say this clarifying shampoo flushes away excess sebum and eliminates product buildup, dandruff, and chlorine without stripping hair of color and moisture. The formula is free of sulfates, parabens, petroleum, and mineral oil and its manufacturer notes that it is ideal on African American and biracial hair and safe to use once to twice monthly. The brand is transparent about its ingredients and their benefits, some of which are derived from coconut oil and other natural oils. Reviewers say this lemon-scented shampoo is so safe on color-treated hair that even those who tried to use it to remove color were unsuccessful.

Helpful review: "I bought this product thinking it would take out a semi-permanent 5 month old fuchsia dye out of my hair, it didn’t really help. BUT it did help clear out all the stuff in my hair that made it very oily. It smells great (citric, minty, eucalyptus) and made my hair super soft, shiny, smelling amazing and squeaky clean. I had volume in my hair without the weigh down in my scalp. It completely cleared all the residue from daily products and oils I use (wax, hairspray, conditioner) I don’t care it didn’t clear my hair dye as much as I hoped it did but that’s okay because this is a great hair shampoo."


Best Daily Shampoo For Oily Hair And Scalp

Clarifying shampoos are ideal for the occasional thorough cleansing of grease and product buildup from your scalp, but if you need an everyday shampoo for oily hair that keeps excess oils at bay and won't irritate your scalp, this is a great pick. This shampoo has ingredients like antibacterial mint leaf that cleanses your scalp and make it feel cool and refreshed. Reviewers say this is the shampoo that will finally allow you to go a few days without washing your hair and that it provides a good amount of volume to fine hair. Some reviewers say it may make your hair tangle more than usual, but following up with a quality conditioner can help.

Helpful review: "I have very oily hair and this is the first shampoo that leave my hair soft, clean, and fresh all day. I would recommend this shampoo to anyone that has to was their hair every day."


Best Shampoo For A Greasy Scalp And Dry Ends

Your scalp and strands may not always be united when it comes to hair type. If you have an oily scalp and dry ends, this clarifying shampoo helps bring balance to your hair with gentle, cleansing ingredients like its key component, Valtellina buckwheat extract, which is grown on a private farm in Italy and contains protein, amino acids, and zinc that clarify without drying out hair. The sulfate-free formula is also made with mild surfactants that eliminate buildup without weighing hair down and panthenol to retain moisture and add shine.

Some reviewers are put off by this shampoo's slightly strong, earthier fragrance, but most agree it allows you to go days without washing your hair, won't dry out strands, and that it only takes a dime-size amount to cleanse your entire scalp, which makes it higher price tag worth the cost.

Helpful review: "I just got this today and love it! My hair was feeling weighed down the last couple months so I've been wanting to use a clarifying shampoo ... Left my hair feeling super clean but not super dried out like I've had happen with other brands. The smell is wonderful, makes me feel like I'm at a spa, but if you don't like earthy-ish smells you might not love it as much, though it's not overwhelming either way. Would definitely buy again, great price and would recommend it."