6 Shiatsu Massagers That Are *Almost* As Good As The Real Thing

If you spend your days hunched over a desk and your nights trying to find that cushy sweet spot that will make all the pain in your back and shoulders finally go away, chances are you could really benefit from a massage. The best Shiatsu massagers are designed to soothe your achy back and neck with a deep, kneading massage — topped only by an actual Shiatsu massage from a trained professional.

Shiatsu, which originated in Japan, literally translates to "finger pressure." This technique utilizes the hands and palms to massage specific points in the body like the neck, back, and shoulders to provide pain relief and promote relaxation. Massage therapists specializing in Shiatsu generally work along the body's meridians by using tapping, kneading, or stretching techniques to alleviate discomfort and help reduce muscle tension, stiffness, and chronic inflammation. And while getting a Shiatsu massage can be a terrific way to practice self-care and treat yourself after a tough day, you can also get similar results from an at-home massager without breaking the bank in the process.

These six at-home Shiatsu massagers can help ease the discomfort of chronic muscle aches and pains while you relax after a long day.


A Customizable Massage Cushion That Allows You To Target Problem Areas

Gideon Luxury Six-Program Customizable Massaging Cushion, $140, Amazon

One of the major benefits of this fully customized massage cushion is that you can use its four deep-kneading Shiatsu massage nodes to not only reduce tension in problem areas, but actually target them for advanced relief from tightness and soreness. This cushion also offers a therapeutic heating function and auto-shutoff.


A U-Shaped Massager That Offers Deep Kneading Relief

Naipo Shoulder Massager with Shiatsu Kneading Massage and Heat, $50, Amazon

This U-shaped massager is incredibly flexible, meaning you can drape it over your shoulders, around your waist, and near other aching areas to get much-needed support. Powered with eight deep-kneading modes, plus a heating function with auto shut-off that helps stimulate blood circulation in tired muscles and ligaments, this massager is a must-have.


An Ergonomic Pillow Massager You Can Take Everywhere

Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager, $40, Amazon

Featuring four deep-kneading rotating Shiatsu Massage nodes, this pillow massager helps relieve aching muscles and undo knots and tension in your shoulders, lower back, and other problem areas. This pillow massager also features a heating function and auto-shutoff, so you don't have to worry about it getting too warm to use. Best of all, its adjustable straps make it super convenient to take with you to work or other places throughout the day, for ongoing relief.


The Perfect Massager For Long Road Trips

1byone Shiatsu Deep-Kneading Massager with Heat and Car Adapter, $43, Amazon

The eight deep-kneading rotating nodes in this massager are designed to imitate the pressure and replenishing sensation of a Shiatsu massage, while its customizable modes allow you to get the best massage to fit your needs. Because this massager includes a car adapter, it also makes it the perfect accessory for road trips and other new adventures.


An Easy-To-Use Massager That’s Great For Tired Feet

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager with Switchable Heat & Easy-to-Use Toe Control, $140, Amazon

Give tired, aching feet a chance to relax with this Shiatsu foot massager, which features dual foot beds, rotational deep-kneading massaging heads, and targeted heat. "This little device met and exceeded my expectations for a massage," raves one Amazon reviewer. "I am a runner and have always had very achy feet. This massager works very well at kneading your feet in all the right places."


A U-Shaped Massager For Those Hard To Reach Places

Naturalico Shiatsu Massager, $50, Amazon

With this U-shaped massager, you can get to hard-to-reach areas on your body where you may be affected by aches and discomfort. Its four massaging nodes help reduce stress, tension, and tight muscles, and its soothing heat feature can be just the thing to help you fully unwind.

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