With These Chic Soap Dispensers, You'll Actually Be Pumped To Wash Your Hands

Soap dispensers may not sound like a big deal, but when you think about it, you use them multiple times a day — so you might as well get a good one. But what qualities make up the best soap dispensers? There are three key traits I looked for when compiling my list:

  1. Durable materials: You don't want to spend time picking out the perfect soap dispenser only to have it break a few days later. Whether it's glass, ceramic, porcelain, or even plastic, all of my picks below can stand up to daily wear and the occasional mishap, according to reviewers.
  2. High-quality pump: There's nothing more annoying than a cheap soap pump that's prone to sticking, clogging, or, worst of all, shooting soap across the room. I looked for options that are constructed with a smooth pump that reviewers say distributes soap evenly into your hand each time.
  3. Easy installation: If you're considering a wall-mounted dispenser, you'll need to think about installation. Below, you'll find that the mountable picks on my list are easy to set up and don't involve any screws, drills, or complicated hardware.

In addition to these functional elements, you'll want to think about the aesthetics. After all, if you don't like the way it looks, you won't want it sitting on your counter. All of my picks feature attractive designs and neutral color schemes to ensure they won't clash with your existing decor. Scroll on for my list of the best soap dispensers.


The Overall Best: A Stylish Soap Dispenser With More Than 1,000 Five-Star Reviews

What's great about it: This trendy mason jar soap dispenser has more than 1,300 reviews on Amazon, making it a true cult favorite. The chic, versatile bathroom accessory is made with durable glass that's shatter-resistant, along with a stainless steel lid and a leak-proof silicone gasket. Reviewers say it's easy to pump and doesn't rust.

What fans say: "I bought the mason jar dispenser for my guest bathroom. I ended up loving it so much and getting compliments on it that I bought two more. This is not some flimsy pump, it's sturdy and the mason jar is adorable. Perfect for the farmhouse look."


The Best Automatic Dispenser

What's great about it: If you prefer an automated design, this is one of the best automatic soap dispensers you can find. The popular gadget, which has more than 1,100 reviews on Amazon, works quickly and efficiently — you won't waste time waving your hands around or waiting forever for the soap to come out. It's made from durable, water-resistant materials with a clean, noncaking design. Battery-operated, the battery compartment is conveniently located on the back of the dispenser (instead of on the bottom, which is a common design flaw with cheaper models). Best of all, it has a switch you can use to adjust how much soap comes out at once.

What fans say: "I LOVE this dispenser. It holds quite a bit of soap. Love how you can change the amount of soap it dispenses so no waste with the little hands. 😊 The fact that you can wall mount it is an added bonus. The container is clear so whatever color your soap is will be part of your bathroom color scheme. I also like the fact that the sensor is NOT SUPER sensitive that you can clean under it without soap constantly coming out."


The Best Wall-Mounted Dispenser

What's great about it: With drill-free, vacuum installation, this easy-to-use option is one of the best wall-mounted soap dispensers out there. Made with a combination of stainless steel and sturdy plastic, it's incredibly simple to set up — just stick the metal plate to the wall and squeeze the little air pump included in the box to create a vacuum-locked seal. There aren't any screws, bolts, or glue to mess up your wall, and it holds on tightly, even with regular use.

What fans say: "This bathroom soap holder is exactly what I needed in my very small bathroom. It installed easily (easy to follow instructions provided) and holds a decent amount of soap. It is nicely styled and is a great space saving option for limited sink/counter space."


The Best For The Kitchen

What's great about it: Designed with a sleek aesthetic and simple push-down operation, this is by far one of the best kitchen soap dispensers. It has a handy, built-in sponge holder that keeps everything together, and it can also be detached if you don't like it or it doesn't fit your space. The dispenser's tough plastic material can stand up to daily use, and it has a wide opening so it's easy to refill without spilling soap everywhere.

What fans say: "I love this kitchen soap dispenser! We recently changed our kitchen faucet to a chrome one and this matches perfectly. It seems very sturdy and holds a lot of soap. It dispenses the perfect amount to clean many dishes and it wipes down easily with a wet or dry cloth."


The Best Soap Dispenser Set For the Bathroom

What's great about it: With this full set, not only do you get one of the best bathroom soap dispensers, but you also get a soap tray, toothbrush holder, and two high-quality water tumblers. The smooth, porcelain components are all stylish and sleek, with a pretty design that's neutral enough to go with most bathrooms. They're sculpted with a marble-style pattern and feature polished steel accents.

What fans say: "I just received this set in the mail and I was beyond impressed! The packaging is beautiful and the products are great quality!"


The Best Shower Soap Dispenser

What's great about it: This wall-mounted shower soap dispenser, which has racked up more than 2,100 reviews, is hugely popular on Amazon. Fans love that it works well while also freeing up space in the shower. In addition to regular soap or body wash, the device has chambers for shampoo and conditioner, too. Built with water-resistant ABS plastic, it's simple to mount with silicone adhesive and two-way tape. You can remove each chamber individually to fill them, and it has convenient hooks to hang razors and other accessories on. Plus, if you don't need all three slots, it comes in single and double-chamber options, too.

What fans say: "This is the best investment I've made in ages! I love this product. This has truly de-cluttered my shower."

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