The 6 Best Sports Bras With Hooks In The Back


There's nothing worse than when you're in the middle of an intense workout and your bra starts to slip. Luckily, the best sports bras with hooks in the back are designed to keep everything in place so you can focus on breaking a sweat.

Sports bras with hook closures are underrated for a few reasons, the most important being that they offer a customizable fit. And because they fit better, they're often way more supportive.

The key to picking out the perfect sports bra with a back closure is to take into account both your style preference and the types of activities you do most. For example, if you prefer fuller coverage before you sprint on the treadmill, you'll want to look for a bra with extra supportive cups. But if you like a strappy look, make sure to search for one with adjustable straps that won't budge and will keep everything in place.

And consider what your main concern is as you work out. Are you looking for a quick-drying option to combat sweat? Do you often chafe during your workouts? Knowing what your most common issue is with past bras you've owned will help you determine exactly which one is right for you.

Here's a list of some of the best sports bras with hooks in the back out there to help you narrow down your options.


The Overall Best, All Things Considered

Made with a poly-spandex blend, this high-impact sports bra stretches to fit comfortably around your chest without chafing. There's no padding and the underwire isn't abrasive either (which can be a common problem with some sports bras). It's even made of flexible materials that contour to your natural shape. The mesh lining built into the sides gives you even more stretch and keeps you cool throughout your workout. The keyhole back is a unique design feature that keeps you from overheating, and the back closure is adjustable, allowing you to easily find a comfortable fit.

Available Sizes: 32B - 42DD


If Your Main Concern Is Support

With sizes ranging from 32B-46D, this supportive sports bra is perfect for everything from long runs to lunges. And, while the price tag is a slight jump from other options on this list, it has not only one, but two set of supportive cups. It also has a flexible underwire between the cups so the wire never actually touches your body. While the inner cups form to your body, the outer cups are non-stretch so the fabric won't budge while you're in the middle of a sweat session. Plus, the entire bra is made with moisture-wicking material to keep you cool. One reviewer insists this is the best sports bra for runners, writing, "The bra fits perfectly. It is very supportive, provides full coverage, and cuts down on bounce dramatically. I am very active, and the bra holds me up on the elliptical and sprinting and everything else. I couldn't be happier."

Available Sizes: 32B - 46D


If Your Main Concern Is Sweat

Made with fast-drying poly-spandex material, this close-back bra dries the second you stop sweating, making it perfect for a hot yoga or barre class. There's also a ventilated chest band to keep you cool, and the stretchy band at the bottom allows you to easily bend and flow. While some reviewers noticed that this bra wasn't quite supportive enough for high-intensity workouts, they loved the fit for lower impact workouts or even daily wear around the house.

Available Sizes: Small - Extra-Large


If Your Main Concern Is Chafing

This lightweight sports bra promises to eliminate stretching and bouncing by 83 percent, and with over 3,000 glowing reviews, there must be truth to that. This bra is also stitched with totally flat seams to eliminate chafing, and the straps can be hooked together at the back in a racerback-type style to allow for more movement. Made with a unique microfiber fabric, this bra is soft while still effectively absorbing sweat. Note: When choosing sizes, be aware that this bra is based on UK sizes, so make sure they match up before purchasing.

Available Sizes: 28DD - 40H


If Your Main Concern Is Budget

If you tend to burn up during workouts, this mesh sports bra will keep you cool and dry, and only costs $13. Made with a patent-pending SmoothTec band, this bra offers just the right amount of compression without slipping or chafing. Plus, everything from the cups to the straps is constructed with moisture-wicking fabric, and the mesh lining allows for maximum airflow to cool you down. Even though some reviewers were hesitant to go for this bra since it doesn't have an underwire, most concluded that the SmoothTec band does the trick. One reviewer writes, "This is the best support I've felt without an underwire. After the band warmed up it did not feel tight. Really good support and comfort on me."

Available Sizes: 32B - 38D


If Your Main Concern Is Comfort

This hybrid sports bra works just as well under t-shirts as it does during a cycling class. While this sports bra has all the essentials — like moisture-wicking technology and comfortable cups — the convertible straps really steal the show. The straps can be worn on the shoulders like a traditional bra or criss-crossed for more support. Some reviewers have even clipped them together for a racerback look. The only bummer about this bra is the straps are on the thinner side, so they may not support all body shapes and sizes, especially during high-impact workouts.

Available Sizes: 32A - 40G

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