Declutter Your Bathroom Sink With These Highly Rated Toothbrush Holders

You use your toothbrush to take care of your teeth, but what do you do to take care of your toothbrush? The best toothbrush holders not only keep your bathroom looking neat, but they'll also help protect your bristles from bacteria. However, there are several important factors to consider prior to purchasing one.

First things first: Closed toothbrush holders aren't the best choices. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), storing your brushes inside a covered area without airflow can promote microbial growth. Therefore, it's best to find open holders that keep your brushes separated and upright. However, there are closed holders with ventilation holes on the market that allow for better drying.

If you have an electric toothbrush, it's also important to note that not all toothbrush holders can accommodate their bulky handles. You might want to double check that your selected holder has extra-wide slots, or that it's specifically made to fit electric brushes.

Lastly, if you're primarily looking to keep your bristles clean, certain holders feature ultraviolet sanitization capabilities that help tackle bacteria on the spot (all while keeping your brush in place).

No matter the reason you're looking for a toothbrush holder, there's definitely one out there that'll fit your needs.

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The Overall Best: An East-To-Clean Holder For Brushes Of All Sizes

Most toothbrush holders have tight nooks and crannies that make them difficult to clean — but not this plastic one. The middle divider is removable so that it's easy to wipe down every square inch, and the large size has enough space for up to six toothbrushes — even thicker electric ones. However, the side spaces can also be used for toothpaste and other toiletries. There are also ventilation holes in the bottom to help prevent bacterial growth, and it's available in three colors: blue, gray, or stainless steel. There are two other sizes available ⁠— one that's more compact and another that's an all-around bathroom organizer, too.

What fans write: "This is great to hold tooth brushes and toothpaste. It has a nice grip, doesn't slide off the sink. Electric toothbrushes also fit in the slot. I like the separate compartments. Easy to clean, nice and neat yet cute."


A Covered Stainless Steel Holder With Ventilation Holes For Airflow

Even the cleanest bathroom can host airborne bacteria — but a covered yet ventilated toothbrush holder like this one can help shield your bristles. You won't have to worry about it corroding over time, either, since the exterior is made from rust-resistant stainless steel. Plus, the ventilation allows airflow to prevent dampness and bacteria growth while it's closed. The angled opening also makes it easy to access your brushes without touching the bristles — and while it's not advertised to accommodate large electric toothbrushes, it can fit manual toothbrushes with oversized handles. There's even a space in the center for your toothpaste. Similar to the first option, you can remove the inner divider for easy cleaning.

What fans write: "The size is perfect. It fits our toothbrushes and toothpaste, and keeps them clean and covered. The bottom also serves as a great vent — I have had this product for almost a month, and there is still no mold or mildew in the container. Other toothbrush holders would have to be cleaned and sanitized weekly, but this one simply requires a quick rinse."


This Wide Holder That Can Fit Way More Than Toothbrushes

This toothbrush holder is designed with an open body and extra-wide slots that can accommodate electric toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, cleanser, and more. It's also made with stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about rust. Not to mention, the nonslip rubber feet on the bottom prevent it from sliding around your countertops if you bump into it, and it's available in two sizes: small or large. But note, the smaller size isn't advertised as electric toothbrush-friendly — but the larger option is. Choose from two colors: black and silver.

What fans write: "This little gizmo has made me way happier than a toothbrush holder should. It's slim. It holds the toothpaste with the toothbrushes, and the pads on the feet keep it from slipping. Not to mention the fact that it cannot pool gross water at the bottom since it's open. Love it.”


A Pick That Saves You Counter Space: This Mountable Toothbrush Holder

If your bathroom vanity is small, try saving yourself some space with this mountable toothbrush holder (which is made with rust-resistant stainless steel). Unlike other mounted holders, this one doesn't require any tools for installation — just attach the strong suction cup to tile, glass, or even a wall. While it's not designed for swinging cabinets, it's incredibly easy to clean since there's very little space where water can accumulate. What's even better is that this holder can accommodate both manual and electric brushes. There is even a model with an added soap platform.

What fans write: "I always have guests at my house so I needed a good way to organize everyone’s toothbrushes without stacking them in the cabinet. This is a great device! The toothbrushes stay in place and remain organized and easy to access. I mounted it to the corner of the mirror and even when I open the cabinet they stay securely in place. My bathroom is really damp but they’ve stayed put so far. It was super easy to assemble and mount, too."


A Mounted Option That Sanitizes Your Bristles With UV Light

This toothbrush holder sanitizes your brushes while holding them in place using six minutes of powerful UV rays to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria, according to the manufacturer. The compact size means you can also take it with you while traveling. To keep it in on your wall, just use the included adhesive to secure it. The holder is designed to fit most toothbrushes (including both manual and electric options), and the rechargeable battery only needs about two hours before it's ready to go. While you're only able to get about 15 uses before you need to plug it back in, the auto-shutoff feature helps preserve the battery so you get the most out of every charge. But unlike the other options mentioned, there's no indication of ventilation while this holder is closed.

What fans write: "I really love this toothbrush sanitizer. I installed it inside my medicine cabinet. I feel that my gum health has improved since I’ve been using it. I even took it with me when I traveled. It comes with a cord for recharging, and I haven’t found any problems with it at all. I’m very happy with this purchase."


This UV Sanitizer That Holds 5 Brushes & Your Toothpaste

This sanitizing pick is perfect for a whole family's worth of toothbrushes while keeping them in one organized spot. Similar to the first sanitizing holder mentioned, this mountable option uses UV light to tackle bacteria within the bristles. To activate that light, simply fill the holder, close the compartment, and turn it on. It'll take about eight minutes to sterilize and four minutes to dry, according to the manufacturer. Unlike the first UV option, this one has a ventilation fan on the side to promote airflow. It can also hold five brushes in total (including manual and electric ones), and it's easy to stick onto the wall with the included tape. Plus, there's a built-in compartment for your toothpaste — so that can stay off the counter, too.

What fans write: "This is a great compact yet efficient toothbrush cleaner! Very easy to use and mount. It comes with a long adhesive so you don’t puncture the wall. I like the clean white look best. I am so satisfied with this great holder!"