These Toys Will Keep Your Cat Entertained, Even When You Can't


For pet parents, the signs of a bored cat are unmistakable. From scratching and clawing at your favorite furniture to moping around the house all sad and gloomy, cats definitely let you know when they're unhappy. Luckily, the best toys for bored cats keep pets feeling stimulated and amused, which are two massively important things that you need if you want to have a healthy kitty.

Unsure what to look for when you're shopping for new cat toys? While laser pointers and catnip-filled mice are enough to make most cats go bananas, if you want to bond more, a colorful charmer might be the toy you need to keep both you and your cat busy and entertained. Depending on the age of your feline, you may want to focus your search on toys that allow cats to stay stationary during play, like roller ball toys. You may also want to make sure that toys are soft, so that an older cat's teeth won't get hurt during playtime.

Nothing beats the feeling of snuggling up close to a purring cat, but ensuring your pet stays happy, healthy, and active can sometimes require a bit of work. Keep scrolling for the best toys for bored cats, so you can cater to your feline's frisky side and keep boredom completely at bay.


These Fan-Favorite Catnip Toys That'll Get Your Cat Up And Moving

When it comes to combating boredom, having a few of these fuzzy, catnip-filled mice around is a must, since they're made with pure and ultra-potent catnip and are perfectly sized for cats to bat and carry. Usually cats who have just been exposed to catnip experience huge spikes in energy, which can be enriching and rewarding, especially if they've been feeling bored lately. Catnip has actually been shown to reverse kitty depression, inspire sedentary cats to get moving, and can even help socialize felines who are normally anxious or combative around other animals. And with more than 1,900 reviewers on Amazon, these mice, in particular, are long-lasting and durable, and pets absolutely can't get enough of them.


This Interactive Toy That'll Challenge Your Cat To Think Inside The Box

Give your pet the ultimate code to crack with this award-winning game and puzzle box, which was created to encourage many of your pet's natural instincts and get them to stay active for longer. This comes with three difficulty levels (beginner, intermediate, and top cat), which you can adjust as your cat becomes more accustomed to the game. It works with everything from cat treats to crinkle balls and cat nip, but can also work as a dry food dispenser and help over-eaters slow down before they munch on grub. Unlike other toys that push cats to move, this one really caters to their minds and imaginations, while also promoting happy play through foraging. Another reason to love this maze and puzzle feeder is that it suits older cats, as well, since they don't have to run or leap around, but can still use their paws in creative ways to get what they really want the most.


This Affordable Rainbow Charmer That They'll Chase Anywhere

This cat charmer is one of those hidden gems on Amazon when it comes to pet toys, specifically because it's colorful enough to catch a cat's attention and cheap enough to fit almost any budget. Another major perk to this toy is that it really helps foster a greater sense of bonding with your pet, since the rainbow charmer is attached to a stick that you can shake and move around however you want. Handmade in Wisconsin, this comes with an unbreakable wand and 4 feet of patterned fleece, which cats can bite, claw, scratch, and tug at with as much force as they please. One reviewer describes it as the perfect toy "for even the most jaded cats," while another raves, "my cat who typically gets bored with toys very quickly has been playing with this for weeks and loves it."


This Combination Laser Pointer And Ball Tumbler That Also Dispenses Treats

This three-in-one device functions as a ball tumbler, food dispenser, and laser pointer, so that no matter what type of play your cat enjoys best, they'll get it with this one. The tumbler has a goofy face attached to it and spins around once it's batted, or you can turn on its auto function and get it spinning on its own. As the tumbler spins in a random pattern, the laser pointer flashes on and continues to operate for up to 10 minutes. The dispenser, which is wide enough to fit most cat treats, leaks out food as the toy spins, giving cats even more incentive to keep playing. Ideal for multi-cat households, this is one toy you can definitely get plenty of long-term value out of.


This Cat Tunnel That'll Nurture Your Pet's Stealthy Side

For some kitties, playtime calls for stealthy crawls through small, dark spaces and tunnels. Enter this cat tube toy from Easyology, which is designed to give cats a really thrilling maze-like experience. Reviewers of this nearly0perfect, five-star-rated toy say you should aim to connect at least two tubes or more if you really want to give your pet a play experience to remember. Sized to fit most cats, each tunnel can be secured to another by velcro and is lined with cozy, extra-soft material, so cats will feel comfy when they're inside it.


This Track Roller Toy For Older Cats That Still Need Stimulation

Just because your older cat is staying still doesn't mean they don't want to play. Luckily, this roller toy provides three levels of ball-spinning entertainment for geriatric cats, and can be fun for kitties of other ages, too. Each of the balls within the tracks is brightly colored and can stimulate your cat's senses and minds as they track them rolling around. It also has a closed top and non-slip base pads, and is made from heavy-duty ABS plastics, so it's definitely built to last.

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